Andrea Mitchell has a dream

Andrea Mitchell: Were guns a big part of activities — social or other activities?
Valery Levitt: Was what?
Andrea Mitchell: What about guns? Did he hunt? Did he shoot? I mean was that just part of small town Tennessee activity?
Valery Levitt: Um… actually, he wasn’t one of the guys that I ever heard about, you know, going hunting or, he wasn’t really that kind of guy, but he also didn’t didn’t really tell a lot of people about his personal life.

Oh dear. Andrea Mitchell has a dream, my friends.

That one day, a young man named Muhammad can be seen as just your ordinary racist gun-loving Southerner and not a radical Islamic nut-case.

Yes, she has a dream this day.

Where MSNBC can link a Muslim who shoots and kills four Marines and one Navy petty officer to small-town Southern activity rather than jihad.

Andrea Mitchell has a dream today.

Dear God. These people are so embarrassingly stupid, it really does boggle the mind.

Andrea Mitchell has a dream

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One thought on “Andrea Mitchell has a dream

  • July 18, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    I wonder if Mr. Abdulazeez had thrown a Molotov cocktail into those recruiting offices, if the dim witted Ms. Mitchell would be asking if fire bombs had been a big part of his activities?

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