Angry Hillary

Anybody else notice the reset of the reset of the reset of the reset of the reset of Hillary’s 2016 campaign?

I know, they’re happening so fast now, it’s hard to keep up.

A month ago, the Hillary 2016 people were floating the idea that Hillary was planning on being more spontaneous while showing humor and heart.

The poll numbers kept plummeting and now there’s talk of her skipping the New Hampshire primary entirely because Bernie is kicking her ass in the Granite State.

So, spontaneity and heart were a bust.

Over the last week, however, it’s obvious they’ve moved on to Reset Plan T.

Angry Hillary.

After the Today Show’s “townhall” with Hillary, headlines across the interwebs all shared a similar theme: “A visibly Angry Hillary” responds to questions about email scandal.

Trust me. The anger was planned.

Trying to use humor to counteract the damage this email scandal has on her trustworthiness and likeability didn’t work, so the campaign hopes that unleashing Angry Hillary will be a more effective weapon.

On the plus side, Angry Hillary will be so much easier for her to pull off than Spontaneous Hillary or Hillary with a Heart.

Angry Hillary is the closest persona to Real Hillary that the campaign has stumbled across.

It’s a calculated risk unleashing Angry Hillary. But a risk the campaign is willing to take.

Why Angry Hillary?

Well, as clueless as the Hillary Campaign is, they aren’t completely stupid. They see how Republican voters are energized by Trump. They hear the same stories we do about Trump capitalizing on the anger of the American voter. Hillary has always suffered from “Me Too” Syndrome. She will hop on any bandwagon that seems to be working for another candidate.

The other benefit to advancing Angry Hillary, is that’s a persona she can do in her sleep. Hillary won’t have to fake it. It won’t come off as halfhearted or forced because, at the end of the day, Hillary is a bitch.

Here’s the down side.

Angry Hillary is getting angry about things that most people disagree with her about or, don’t care about.

When Angry Hillary erupts over the email scandal, most voters are angry about it too, but not for the same reasons. They’re angry because Hillary is a dishonest, untrustworthy crook, and they’re sick and tired of dishonest, untrustworthy crooks running for office. Hillary’s anger comes off as anger at voters who see her as untrustworthy. That isn’t exactly going to score her any points with those voters.

Angry Hillary is also taking positions most angry Americans disagree with. How helpful is it, really, to angrily rail against illegals not being given citizenship when the majority of Americans don’t want illegals being given citizenship?

How is it beneficial to an already floundering campaign to become visibly angry about “gun violence” when your solutions are opposed by the majority of Americans who are sick and tired of law-abiding citizens being targeted by gun-grabbing Leftists?

When you angrily announce you will work unconstitutionally to force through your gun control agenda without Congress, that isn’t going to resonate with the Americans who are sick and freaking tired of a President acting unilaterally.

When a wee, teeny tiny minority of Americans are psychologically deluded into believing they are a gender that they’re not, how is getting angry over states not permitting them to legally adopt going to broaden your appeal? In an age with over ninety-four million American adults are not in the labor force, our nation is being flooded with illegals, illegal alien and urban crime is on the rise, and police officers are targets, not very many American voters give a damn about transgenders.

To me, the risks of unleashing Angry Hillary far outstrip any possible benefits.

Angry Hillary is way too close to Real Hillary. And giving voters a peek at Real Hillary will totally backfire.

The last time Angry Hillary was permitted to see the light of day, she screamed at Senators, “What difference at this point does it make?!” And we all know how well that turned out for her.

There’s a reason the Hillary 2016 campaign has been working overtime to “reintroduce” voters to Hillary Clinton. Because she’s detestable. People don’t like her.

The only hope the Hillary Campaign had was keeping the Real Hillary as hidden as possible for as long as possible.

To throw caution to the wind and unleash Angry Hillary is going to bite them in the ass. Unlike all the phony Hillarys, Angry Hillary cannot be controlled. And once she erupts, it is going to be impossible to stuff the Angry Hillary genie back into the bottle.

No matter how many resets they try.

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3 thoughts on “Angry Hillary

  • October 7, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Maybe the silver lining for her (after she’s tossed out) could be to market a line of all the different “______ Hillarys” as figurines, similar to all the different Barbies that we’ve seen over the decades. Lots of people would pay good money to have their own “Hillary” to piss on, throw in a raging fire, or whatever.

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