Another day another child rapist illegal

Mexican citizen Jesus Atrian — who is in the US illegally — is on the run after raping a sixteen year old Texas girl with Down Syndrome.

Jesus Atrian

Another DREAMer!

What is it with illegals and their penchant for sexually assaulting little girls?

Sure, in Mexico the age of consent is twelve, but something tells me that a sixteen year old with Down Syndrome didn’t give consent.

Not that that’s going to stop him.

According to KHOU, at the time of the incident in question, DREAMer Jesus already had a “prior adjudication for indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact.”

Talk about contributing to the greatness of America.

I can see why Obama wants him here.

Doing the child rapes Americans just won’t do!

Forget Hillary’s claim that the Republican presidential candidates view women the same way some terrorist groups do.

Seems to me, that dubious honor goes to illegal aliens like Jesus Atrian.

This is the problem with permitting people from cultures that do not frown on the sexual abuse of minors to flood into our country.

The primary purpose of the Federal Government is to secure the safety and sovereignty of the United States and its citizens.

Yet Barack Obama and his Department of Homeland Security are importing filthy dirtbags who prey on the most vulnerable among us.

A little girl with Down Syndrome?!

This disgusting puke shouldn’t be deported. He should be castrated and hanged.

Why in the name of sweet fancy Moses do those harpies who continually shriek about the “rape culture” on colleges campuses never seem to say “boo” about this epidemic of illegal alien child rapists?

Where’s Kirsten “Take back the night” Gillibrand?

Where is the Rolling Stone?!

Why is it Hillary Clinton can’t muster up the energy to give a crap?

When you remove any and all filters from our immigration system — you know, like enforcing the immigration laws — you aren’t able to filter out the refuse and dreck like Jesus Atrian.

Doing the Rapes Americans Wont Do

While Barack Obama and his Republican doppelganger Jeb Bush prattle on endlessly about DREAMers!!! and LOVE!!!, vile and disgusting creatures like Jesus Atrian slip into our country and prey on our children.

We the People have had enough.

Hat tip the Conservative Treehouse.

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