Architect of the Senate’s Suicide to advise Trump

In the previous post, I discussed the flat-out lying the Obama Administration did to force through the dangerous Iran Deal. But one of the reasons we now have this disastrous deal in place is because the United States Senate willfully relinquished their treaty powers so that Obama could get this deal. And the architect of this willful surrender? None other than Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

The Corker/Cardin bill, passed in May of 2015, effectively stripped the Senate of their Constitutional role in ratifying treaties. This “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act” flipped the treaty powers on their head. Instead of requiring Obama to get two-thirds of the Senate to ratify the Iran Deal, it required the Senate to get two-thirds to stop it.

In other words, Bob Corker ensured that the United States Senate would not be able to stop the Iran Deal. What a guy!

Now, this architect of the Senate’s suicide will be advising Donald Trump on foreign policy.

Well, hurray!

Nothing like asking Dr. Kevorkian to advise you on how to get your sick mother well.

Back on May 8, 2015 — nearly one year ago — I wrote about this insanity in my post US Senate Commits Suicide then Applauds:

I’ll be honest, I am disgusted with the whole lying lot of them with the exception of Senator Tom Cotton. He alone stood up against this fraud of a bill. He alone voted no. Not even Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Mike Lee stood firm.
Isn’t it bad enough that Barack Obama spends each and every day systematically destroying the Constitution he took an oath to uphold and defend?
We sent more Republicans to the Senate in November to stop this man from destroying our Constitution and defying the will of the people.
And rather than fight for the Constitution, for the People, hell, for their own Senate, Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party are doing everything they can to help Barack point the gun at their own miserable heads.

The Republicans in Washington surrendered the power of the purse in 2013. And in 2015, they surrendered the treaty power.

And who was the one who led the fight to give up the treaty power as outlined in the Constitution? Who was the architect of the Senate’s demise?

Bob Corker.

Bob Corker is the one who came up with this suicidal plan that every Senator save one voted to adopt. And then Corker had the gall to celebrate it as a victory.

A victory?! Sweet merciful Zeus.

Many believe, and I’m one of them, that what gave way to the rise of Donald Trump was the deep betrayal Republican voters felt for this “Most Deliberative Body in the World.” We handed them a majority in the Senate to stop Obama’s reckless domestic and foreign policy. And what do they do? Not only do they effectively hand Obama everything he wants, they shoot themselves in the head to do so.

I find it all manner of ironic that so many of those who gave way to the rise of Trump through their own feckless betrayals are now lining up behind Donald Trump. First Mitch McConnell, then John Boehner, and now Bob Corker.

In fact, here at Patriot Retort, there have been those in the comments who pointed to this abdication of the Senate’s Constitutional treaty power as one of the main reasons they supported Donald Trump.

So, I think it bears asking.

Do these turncoats in the DC Surrender Party believe, like Jimmy Carter believes, that Donald Trump will be “malleable?” Do they have a certainty that their feckless, irresponsible wheeling and dealing will continue unfettered with Donald Trump in the Oval Office?

Those voters who signed on to Donald Trump in hopes that he would put an end to this kind of beltway deception, have they been played for fools? Are they superimposing onto Donald Trump their own wishful thinking — their own hopes and dreams?

I remember back in February of 2009, I was in a meeting with a private group for which I used to be the treasurer. The newly elected treasurer brought up that she needed me to sign some forms so that she could be added as a signatory on the group’s bank account. In explaining the situation, she told us the woman at the bank explained that this was required as part of the Patriot Act.

A woman sitting next to me, whispered, “What does the Patriot Act have to do with this?”

I said, “As part of the Patriot Act, they want to be able to track the money terrorists use. That’s probably why.”

Her response left me gob smacked.

“Oh, now that he’s president, Obama will take care of that,” she said with absolute certainty.

I had to bite the inside of my cheeks and look away so as not to laugh in her face.

At the time it astonished me at how willing Obama’s supporters were to superimpose on Obama the ability to right every single perceived injustice they believed existed in this country. I can’t help but wonder how this woman feels now that all the magical things she believed he would single-handedly do didn’t get done.

I see the same kind of wishful thinking today. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters believe that he will take care of this kind of corrupt Washington dealing. He alone will get the Republicans in Congress to listen to the will of the people.

And yet, there they are, the usual suspects in the betrayal of the people lining up with Donald Trump. Do you really think they’d do that if there wasn’t something in it for them?

If you do, I’m afraid that Lucy is holding that football for you to kick. And once again, trusting in a Establishment insider, you’ll run headlong toward her to send it flying over the goalposts only to end up flat on your back feeling dejected and betrayed when she yanks the ball away.

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  • May 7, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I know people as the one you speak of in you anecdote, First thing they do is claim they’re ALL bad so none can be trusted. They were screwed thus ALL are evil. Not just their pathetic uninformed choice but mine to. Granted when the entire vine is sick, the grapes that vine produces will be less than tasty.

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