Are the Democrats’ relentless smears tearing this county apart?

Are the Democrats relentless smears tearing this county apart

With the exit of Kirstjen Nielson, White House advisor Stephen Miller has taken a central role in reshaping DHS to better reflect President Trump’s immigration agenda.

And as a result, the Democrat smear-campaign against Miller has kicked up to Spinal Tap 11.

Because, like so many things, the Democrats cannot win over the American people by the strength of their arguments.  So instead, they resort to smears.

It’s what they do.

But in addition to being slanderous, the smears against Miller are mind-bogglingly insane.

The guy is Jewish for crying out loud.  And yet the Democrat/Media/Hollywood Complex still insists on calling him not only a White Supremacist but a Nazi.

Nothing worse than a “hatful man.”

Hitler was reincarnated as a Jewish man? Really, Morgan?

Either God has a cruel sense of humor or, and this is probably more likely, Morgan Freeman is an sputtering imbecile.

The only thing we are witnessing, Morgan, you fool, is the utter collapse of the Democrat Party.

And God forbid they drag the entire nation down with them.

All the Democrats have left in their arsenal are smears.

But their smear campaigns are so far afield from reality, they have to lie completely to pull them off.

Or, they have to resuscitate year-old smears and repackage them as something new.

Which is precisely why last weekend they attempted to reach back to the year-old “Trump called immigrants animals!!!” smear – using a selectively-edited (dare I say “doctored”) video clip from 2018.

Naturally, the usual suspects had no problem jumping aboard this retread smear as if it was totally new.

Including the “Me Too” candidate herself Kirsten Gillibrand (because, of course): 

How desperate are these people that they have to recycle already-debunked smears from a year ago?

Pretty damn desperate.

They can’t win the immigration debate on substance, because the majority of Americans oppose unfettered illegal immigration, open borders and amnesty.

So Democrats do the same thing they do every time they’re on the losing side.  They resort to smears.

There’s just a couple problems.

Well, more than a couple, to be honest.

First, overusing smears like “White Supremacist” and “Nazi” will only end up making the words completely meaningless.  Which, come to think of it, is exactly what’s happened with the smear “RACIST!”

And accusing a Jewish man of being a Nazi and White Supremacist is proof that these smears are already losing all meaning.

The second problem with the smears against Miller is having Ilhan Omar out in front.

Americans aren’t stupid you know.

When you’re accusing your opponents of being bigots, the irony of letting a bigot is lead the charge doesn’t escape our notice.

Another problem the Democrats have is President Trump doesn’t play the role of the subservient Republican terrified of being smeared.

And the Democrats’ smear campaigns only work if the target of the smears is a Gentleman Loser Republican.

But that’s not Trump.  He doesn’t lie down and grovel for forgiveness.

Instead, he fights back because he knows the smears are unjust.

And, as I said, letting a rabid bigot like Ilhan Omar lead the charge against Stephen Miller is a big mistake.  One that President Trump, unlike the Gentleman Losers, isn’t afraid to use to his advantage.

But all those problems are a drop in the bucket compared the larger issue.

The Democrats think these smears will help them regain power. But in reality, their smear campaigns are tearing this country apart.

They don’t limit their attacks to President Trump or people in his administration.  Day in and day out, the Democrats and their handmaids are smearing half the country as well.

From every fake hate crime to the Covington Catholic kids to accusing us of being racist White Supremacist Nazis, the Democrat Party, the media and Hollywood are relentlessly attacking everyone who opposes them.

Nothing – not even the vilest of smears and slanders – is off the table.

And nobody is spared.

In the end, the Democrats are actually doing the very thing they accuse President Trump of doing.

They’re dividing us.

What started with Hillary Clinton’s unfathomable Deplorables attack has only increased over the last two and a half years.

This kind of vicious slander is not good for the health of a nation.

It’s perverse.

It’s deranged.

And it is a cancer that is devouring this country.

The only question is if David Reaboi is right: is the damage they’re causing irreparable?

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3 thoughts on “Are the Democrats’ relentless smears tearing this county apart?

  • April 9, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

  • April 12, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Are the Democrats’ relentless smears tearing this county apart?
    Hell no, we LOVE it !!
    There hasn’t been this much excitement in America in a long damn time.
    Let’s put it this way . . . When you know you’re on the winning team [Trump], watching your opponents flail and flounder is pure entertainment not even Hollywood can compete with.
    Globalism is DEAD !

    • April 12, 2019 at 3:33 pm

      Yes, I bet Mike Flynn is just laughing himself silly over how much fun he’s been having for the last two years.

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