The Art of Going Around the Media


I have to say, one of the reasons I have come to admire Donald Trump is he is an expert at going around the media.

The Enslaved Press have fancied themselves the Gatekeepers. Nobody is allowed to speak to the American people unless they first go through them.

Several years ago, a guy by the name of Doug Urbanski was filling in for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh. Ordinarily, unless the guest host is Mark Steyn, I don’t listen to Rush guest hosts.

But I was bored, and decided to give Urbanski a listen.

He was discussing the problem conservatives face with a thoroughly biased Enslaved Press. And his solution was simple.

Go over their heads. Go around them. Act as if they do not matter.

Because the truth is, they don’t.

Simple, yes. Yet it is something Republicans cannot figure out.

Instead of making the case to the American People, Republicans think they need to go on Meet the Press or Face the Nation and appeal to a completely biased and hostile host.

With Donald Trump all that has changed.

Mr. Trump has perfected the art of going around the media.

And let me tell you. It is making them all manner of upset.

This isn’t about Donald Trump doing something wrong. Not at all.

These arrogant dinks just feel left out. And their feelings are hurt.

Their entire raison d’être is to be the only ones allowed to disseminate information to the people.

With President-elect Trump, these sad sacks have lost their one and only reason for being.

Take the outrage over Donald Trump using Twitter and Facebook.

The Enslaved Press is acting as if doing such a thing is beneath the dignity of the President.

Yes, the same Enslaved Press who gushed like stage mothers over Obama appearing on Ellen believe Trump speaking directly to the people through Twitter is undignified.

Yet, in 2015, when Barack Obama joined Twitter, CNN was all aflutter about it.

The difference is clear. Obama wasn’t going the around the media. He was using Twitter to generate fawning coverage in the media.

Trump, on the other hand, utilizes social media to replace the Enslaved Press.

And nobody puts the Enslaved Press in a corner!

Over sixteen million people follow Trump on Twitter. While a percentage of those may be fake, that’s still a pretty big audience to reach – far larger than the number of people who tune in to CNN.

Likewise, over fifteen million people follow Trump on Facebook. You don’t need to tune in to cable news to watch a Trump speech. He broadcasts it live-stream on Facebook.

Because his followers retweet and share his posts by large numbers, the reach of Trump’s message expands exponentially.

Trump is cutting out the middle man and going directly to the people.

In other words, he is going around the media.

And their self-righteous “how dare he” response has nothing to do with impropriety or the dignity of the presidency. Or even the “importance of a Free Press.”

Their “how dare he” response is entirely self-serving.

Donald Trump is making them irrelevant.

Ah, Schadenfreude.

Before Thanksgiving, Mr. Trump gave an update on the progress of his transition.

He did not hold a press conference to do this.

No. He simply recorded a video and posted it on social media.

Mr. Trump knows it isn’t the Enslaved Press to which he is accountable, but the American people.

By going around the media and speaking directly to us, not only is Trump making that clear. He is also preventing the Enslaved Press from filtering his message through their self-serving bias.

I have to say, that’s brilliant.

It’s like the game of “telephone.” Remember that?

A group of kids sit in a circle. One whispers a message to the kid next to him. Then that kid whispers it to the one next to him. And so on until the message makes it all the way around the circle and back to the kid who originated it.

By the time the message reaches the source, it bears little if any resemblance to what the kid originally said.

The Enslaved Press wants Trump’s message to be like a game of “telephone.” Only, instead of it simply evolving into a different message naturally, they want to deliberately change the meaning and purpose of Trump’s message.

But Donald Trump won’t play “telephone” with the Enslaved Press. Instead, he simply delivers his message to everyone in the circle at the exact same time.

The Media only has control of the message if we surrender that control to them.

For years the Republicans have done just that.

Until now.

I think the over-the-top, outlandish, shrill messaging the Enslaved Press is trying to advance about Donald Trump is a direct result of his cutting them out of the loop.

It’s nothing more than an irrelevant, ignored Enslaved Press shrieking, “Look at me! Look at me!!!!”

In the end, not only is Trump making sure his message reaches us. At the same time, he is succeeding in making the Enslaved Press look like the irrelevant idiots that they are.

And that, my friends, is an art.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Going Around the Media

  • December 3, 2016 at 10:31 am

    As a Constitutional Conservative, I was never a Trump fan, but I love the fact that finally we have someone demonstrating that the Presstitutes of the EneMedia are irrelevant. For far too long the GOP surrender monkeys shrunk away from what little principles they may have had because they were afraid of what the NYT or WashPost might say – as if that ever mattered. If all he ever accomplishes is to appoint a few originalist SCOTUS judges and teach that lesson to “our side”, then The Donald’s presidency will have been a success.

    • December 3, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      The Right Scoop? Yeah. There’s a reliable source. A Never Trump site that is waiting in breathless anticipation for the opportunity to snottily shriek, “We told you so!” They’ve become as unhinged as CNN.

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