As goes Virginia…

As goes Virginia…

Whelp. Virginia. Wasn’t that a cold slap in the face for the Democrats?

Here you have a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans — where Joe Biden beat Trump by nearly ten points in 2020. And here we are on the one-year anniversary of the 2020 election, and Republican Glenn Youngkin is the next Governor of Virginia.

And as goes Virginia, so goes the Midterm election.

Right, Kamala?

When the blackface-wearing Ralph Northam won Virginia in 2017, the media told us it was a referendum on President Trump. Something tells me they won’t be saying anything like that this time around.

Exit polling showed that the economy was the number one issue for Virginia voters. Not the January 6 riot at the Capitol. Not Donald Trump. And certainly not racism.

But that was Terry McAuliffe’s entire campaign message, wasn’t it? Trump, racism, and January 6.

Virginia gave us a little preview of how the Democrats plan to run in 2022.

They plan to call Republican candidates racist, accuse them of being a Trump clone, and claim they embrace the “insurrectionists” who tried to “overthrow our democracy.”

That’s it. That’s their master plan.

But what choice do they have? Since the policies they’re pursuing are wildly unpopular, they can’t run on their agenda. And since the answer to the question “Are you better off today than you were two years ago” is going to be “No,” they can’t run on that either.

So what does that leave? Trump, racism, and January 6.

Problem is, calling Youngkin a “Trump clone” didn’t work.

Accusing him of racism didn’t work.

Trying to link him to January 6 didn’t work either.

That’s three strikes.

If Virginia is a bellwether for the midterms, I don’t like the Democrats’ chances.

Now would be the time for Democrats to indulge in a little quiet self-reflection.

But that’s not what they’re doing.

The media is doubling down on racism, Trump, and January 6. Pundit after pundit is claiming that yesterday’s Republican victories in Virginia are proof that racism and white supremacy reign supreme in America.

This, even though the Virginia Republican who won the race for Lt. Governor is a black woman.

And while the media screams about white supremacy, the Democrats in DC are doubling down on Biden’s radical economy-killing agenda.

CNN’s White House reporter John Harwood tweeted this morning that the White House believes the loss of Virginia should be a wake-up call for Democrats to push forward with Biden’s ridiculous “Build Back Better” spending bill. Harwood quoted a “senior administration official” who told him “Clearly voters are frustrated by the pace of action and we need to pick up the pace.”

“Clearly.” LOL! Seriously, how out of touch are these people?

By the way, if you do Twitter, you really should follow Shant Mesrobian.

I think Matt Whitlock is right. If they can lose deep blue Virginia, Democrats from swing districts have got to be sweating right about now. Do they want to stick their necks out for the unpopular Joe Biden? Are they willing to fall on their sword, vote for this crap legislation, and lose in 2022 just to give Biden a fleeting victory lap?

I’m thinking no.

Meanwhile, down in San Antonio, Texas, a Republican named John Lujan just flipped a solid Democrat Congressional seat in a special election. As the area is heavily Hispanic, as is Lujan, it is clear that Biden’s disastrous border policies are hurting Democrats among a bloc of voters they cannot afford to lose.

Democrats threw everything they had into Virginia. They loaded up McAuliffe’s campaign events with Democrat “stars” from Barack Obama to the hapless Kamala to the ridiculous Stacey Abrams to Joe Biden himself. They had the entire corporate news media behind them, for crying out loud.

And this is what they have to show for it.

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7 thoughts on “As goes Virginia…

  • November 3, 2021 at 2:59 pm

    Let’s hope this (Virginia) is the beginning of the end of the Progressives.
    And then let’s work to make it so.

  • November 3, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    Please give credit to the Virginia Project, at PAC that started working last year to put in place election officers and poll watchers in every precinct, as well as recruiting R candidates to make sure there was no seat left unchallenged. Everyone in the country it seems was worried about Dems cheating….. well, if you are worried about your state, work NOW to get every precinct covered with eyes and ears you can trust. Get them trained to know what to do (in real time, not the next day) if they see something funny. Old fashioned rolling up your sleeves and organizing works.

  • November 3, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    The Democrats got themselves a big helping of the Agony of Defeat in VA.
    You gotta love it.

  • November 4, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    It’s still going to be a tough row to hoe in Virginia. Whether or not CRT is actually being taught in schools, the teachers, by and large, have been indoctrinated in it and will present lessons through that perspective. I hope the new Governor can see beyond the individual school curriculum and recognize it’s the education establishment (teachers, administrators, college Education departments, etc.) that is deeply ingrained with this nonsense.

  • November 4, 2021 at 7:06 pm

    What’s wrong here? Upside down.
    Dem moderates, fighting for their re-elections. Liberal progressives, easy seats.

    Yes, so out of touch and so willing to govern without or against the will of the majority


  • November 6, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    13 sh1T bag republicans just sided with Communists.

    Dont hold yer breath, ya might not need breakfast anymore

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