Bad night for Grandma


Boy, looks like Granny Clinton had a really bad night at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief forum.

I only watched snippets — not the whole thing. But I saw enough to know Hillary Clinton’s mountain of baggage is weighing her down.

To me, it is only sensible that, when answering a question from a voter, you do not become condescending and irritated. But her response to the Navy vet about classified information was just that.

She spoke to this man as if he were borderline retarded and she was his schoolmarm. It was painful to watch.

The truth is, things aren’t working out the way Granny expected.

And the more frustrated Hillary gets, the more defensive and bitter she becomes.

It’s like 2008 all over again.

Back then, Hillary thought then that she would slide to easy victory — she was owed, don’t you know.

When it became clear that voters just weren’t that into her and preferred the “caramel-colored matinee idol” (as Ann Coulter called Obama), Hillary got all kinds of nasty.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Obamas came home one night to find their rabbit boiling on the stove.

Dance with the one that brung ya

2008 taught me that Hillary does not do well under pressure.

Here we are in 2016, and it’s deja vu all over again.

Had it not been for the DNC rigging the delegate selection so even when Bernie won a state, Hillary gobbled up delegates like Pac Man, she wouldn’t have done nearly as well as she did.

In the movie “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” Harry holds try-outs for the Quiddich team. His best friend Ron is hoping to become Keeper, but the guy challenging him for the position is far and away the better player. Ron gets the job — not because he was better, but because Hermione was sitting in the stands flicking her wand and giving him the advantage.

Throughout the primary season, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was flicking her wand and giving Hillary the advantage.

Granny didn’t ascend to the nomination without being given a boost.

You know, just like how she ascends steps.

She isn’t used to having to work for it.

Hillary Clinton went into this race 16 months ago fully expecting to be inaugurated as the 45th President. For her, it was a done deal.

Just like it was supposed to be in 2008.

Hillary may act as if she is unfazed by all that baggage she’s hauling around like a pack mule. But trust me. It is eating her alive.

The mounting concerns about her health — which are becoming more persistent than her cough.

Her inability to shake the stink of corruption over her use of a private server.

The fears that she may have put National Security secrets at risk.

Questions over her trustworthiness and integrity.

And her inability to utter one truthful statement.

On top of all of that — even with the tireless efforts of the Enslaved Press to destroy him — Donald Trump just keeps climbing in the polls.

Clearly the last couple weeks of rest from the campaign trail did nothing to reset Hillary’s attitude. Two questions into the Commander-in-Chief forum, she was rocked back on her heels and put on defense.

What’s worse, the scuttlebutt on Twitter last night is that Hillary appeared to be wearing an ear bud — like the kind Jack Bauer wears when he goes undercover.

Now, I suppose it could be some kind of hearing aid. Grandma is pretty old and sick.

But if she was getting help from backstage, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign has been constructed with built-in training wheels.

Left to her own devices, she would have been forced to drop out of the race before Super Tuesday.

Hillary’s stiffness and defensiveness was even more pronounce when Donald Trump took the stage. As usual, Trump was comfortable and relaxed. He never took a defensive tack even when Matt Lauer tried to get under his skin.

The comparison was not a good one for Granny. Of the two of them, Trump appeared presidential.

Hillary on the other hand looked irritated and annoyed — not to mention deeply offended that she was being questioned at all.

She wasn’t supposed to have to work for this. The White House was supposed to be hers for the taking.

While Donald Trump has been out there day after day making the case for his candidacy, Hillary has been holed up somewhere picking out the new White House china patterns and forming her Cabinet. So certain is she that the job is already hers.

Last night, reality hit her square between the eyes.

What’s especially pathetic is Team Clinton has invested all their time and energy on the coming debates.

Though last night’s forum was not a debate per se, it did give viewers an opportunity to see both candidates on the same stage during the same program. And it was not a good sign of things to come when the debates get underway.

If last night is any indication, I think Team Clinton is going to regret putting all Hillary’s eggs in the debate basket.

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