Battered Republican Syndrome

In an episode of “The Closer,” the squad investigates the beating death of a battered spouse. In the end, they discover the murderer is an abusive boyfriend who was beating his girlfriend. When the police tackle the guy to the ground, the girlfriend screams for them not to hurt her thug of a boyfriend.

See, I just don’t get battered spouse syndrome. I’m the type of person who, if you ever raised your hand against me, I would fight back with every ounce of strength I have. We’re talking kicking, punching, and yeah, even biting. Fists, knees, elbows, feet. My whole Lupus-ridden body would go all UFC on your ass.

A lot of Republicans suffer from battered spouse syndrome. Or Battered Republican Syndrome as the case may be.

They get abused in the Enslaved Press and slandered by their Democrat colleagues constantly. But they won’t fight back.

When any Republican actually tries to fight back, these battered Republicans scream for them not to hurt the Liberals.

Enter Khizr Kahn.

He’s the perfect Leftist abuser. He attacks Donald Trump and slanders him. What’s worse, he uses his dead son as a human shield to prevent any counter-attacks. The Democrats and the Enslaved Press (same thing) pile on parroting his attacks.

When Donald Trump actually defends himself, these battered Republicans rush to provide cover — not for Trump, but for the abuser.

Yesterday I mentioned that if John McCain or Mitt Romney were the candidate, both of them would have bent over ass-backwards to side with Mr. Khan no matter what abusive and slanderous thing this man said.

And no sooner did I write that did John McCain bend over ass-backwards to side with Mr. Khan.

Honestly, you’d think after six hundred years in the Senate and a humiliating loss in 2008, John McCain would finally grasp this simple concept: The Enslaved Press are always going to advance the Democrat message while they beat the living snot out of the Republicans.

But no! John McCain suffers from Battered Republican Syndrome.

Battered Republican Syndrome

The entire reason the DNC put this Clinton crony and Muslim man with questionable associations on that stage was to set this trap. It was a foregone conclusion that the Enslaved Press would push his sour mug into our faces for days on end. I’ll wager if Donald Trump never responded to Khan’s con, this “grieving father” would still have appeared on all the Sunday shows. He still would have been a front-page story on all the news websites.

If Donald Trump hadn’t uttered a word about him, the narrative would have been, “Trump refuses to address accusations made by Gold Star Dad.”


Because that was the idea all along: To set up someone whom they believed could abuse Donald Trump with abandon.

Trump didn’t create the fervor around Mr. Khan. He merely responded to it.

At some point, Republicans need to get it through their thick heads that Democrats use the Victim Card to inoculate their attack dogs from any push-back.

Look at how they use Gabby Giffords. This woman is promoting undermining the Second Amendment, but heaven forbid we fight back because she was shot in the head by a deranged Leftist. We’re supposed to sit quietly and let her attack our Constitutional rights because she was a “victim of gun violence.”

Likewise Kzirh Khan must not be criticized or even disputed because he’s a Gold Star Father.

He can launch into Donald Trump, lie about what it says in the Constitution, and we’re all supposed to keep silent and let him attack.

We’re also not supposed to actually investigate his story or his background. He is to be off limits — untouchable.

Khan isn’t some innocent little lamb who was just standing there minding his own business when suddenly Donald Trump mindlessly attacked him.

He was the aggressor.

Rather than point out how vile and disgusting it is that Khizr Khan used his dead son like a human shield, these battered Republicans howl about Trump’s response.

Khan is like the presidential candidate in the movie “The Dead Zone” who picks up a little kid to shield himself from an assassin’s bullet.

These battered Republican are so conditioned to protect the abuser, they walked right into the trap. Instead of pointing out how Khan is exploiting his son’s death to slander a Presidential candidate, they simply let him use his son as a shield against criticism.

Heaven forbid anyone actually examine this man’s associations, his political motivations or his radical ties. “He’s a Gold Star Dad!!! Leave him alone! He doesn’t deserve this!!!”

Don’t they understand even for one nano-second that this is precisely why the Democrats chose Khan as their attack dog?

Khan is the one who is belittling Gold Star families by exploiting his son’s death to advance a personal political agenda. Donald Trump didn’t do that. The Democrats and the Enslaved Press are the ones who are using his son’s death for political ends, not Trump.

Battered Republicans can always be counted on to play the witless foil in the Democrat Party’s Talking Point War.

The Enslaved Press doesn’t give a damn about Gold Star Parents, but they are more than happy to exploit the fact that Khan is a Gold Star Parent to attack Donald Trump.

It’s cynical, contrived and completely disrespectful of every other parent whose child was killed in action.

Rather than call out the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Enslaved Press and Khan himself for exploiting his son’s death for political gain, these battered Republicans rush to their defense and join the pig-pile against Trump.

It really is pathetic.

Pathetic, but not at all surprising.

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4 thoughts on “Battered Republican Syndrome

  • August 2, 2016 at 10:58 am

    Mr. Khan most definitely has his own agenda. I thought you might be interested in this article I found about his political ties; quite eye-opening. (Which would explain why a “God Star Father” would WANT to use his son as a political pawn.)

    The answer to why Republican politicians such as McCain and Romney won’t fight back seems fairly simple; they claim to be conservative Republicans, but they are anything BUT. They’re records precede them. They can say, till the cows come home, that they’re conservative, but their voting record through the years puts the lie to it. The REAL question is…when will WE THE PEOPLE figure that out, and quit putting these useful idiots back in year after year after year? Excellent article, as always!

  • August 2, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Khan’s son died in a war which Hillary voted FOR. FOR. And at least (stupid war that it was) Bush had Congress vote at all, not like Obama who just starts killing and sending in OUR troops without any Congressional approval.

  • August 3, 2016 at 6:17 am

    This makes Trump the perfect candidate. I know nothing, spineless, dweeb so new to politics, he can’t see or understand what to ignore and what to take serious. Happy Clinto Inauguration day. Sorry, unless something happens to jail her, we’re all going to live through another four years of hell.

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