Being this humorless is a real handicap

President Trump tweeted out this video yesterday and the humorless Left went bananas.

I mean absolutely, flat-out bananas.

Of course, they always go bananas when President Trump shares a Carpe Donktum video. But this particular meltdown was thermonuclear.

Humorless Vogel
Humorless Emma

When I saw her speak at Syracuse University back in 2013, Ann Coulter joked that the old Feminist slogan “That’s not funny!” is now the slogan of the Democrat Party.

And the reactions to this tweeted video pretty much confirm she was right.

How humorless and stupid would you have to be to actually believe that Donald J. Trump thinks he will be President forever?

This is why I don’t want President Trump to stop tweeting. He sets up these landmines and the pearl-clutching, humorless dinks go out of their way to step on them.

Then the news media spends the next few days well-I-nevering and broadcasting the tweet to an even larger audience.

And they fall for it every single time.

But here’s why this particular tweet is such a masterful troll.

As I mentioned last week, the news media loves to report on hypotheticals.

And the hypothetical du jour is this:

Yes, my friends.  A “news” outlet is reporting on yet another “What If” scenario.

You know, like when Wolf Blitzer, back on January 18, 2017, indulged in a little “What if Trump and Pence both get assassinated before they are sworn in?” scenario.

The media has been banging on about “Trump may refuse to leave office if he’s defeated” for quite some time now – so much so that Politico felt the need to “report” on this “What If” as if it is actually “news.”

And what better way to tweak these unhinged conspiracy theorists than to post that video?

If anybody knows the Left and the media, it’s Donald J. Trump.

He knows how to get under their skin.

More importantly, he knows just how humorless they are.

So he posts this comical little video and like Pavlov’s dogs, they respond exactly how he expects them to respond – with breathless rage and over-the-top hyperbole.

Like this:

Yes, because we all know that President Trump is an Immortal who will never die!!!

Good grief, lady.  Get a sense of humor, you crank!

“Threatening to be President for Eternity.”

You know, you really should stop and examine your priorities if you actually believe anyone could “threaten” to be President for “eternity.”

Can you imagine going through life this way?

There is really no greater handicap than being this profoundly humorless. What’s worse, the humorless rarely, if ever, realize that they are, in fact, humorless. And that makes their lack of a sense of humor all manner of hilarious.

Earth to the Humorless ResistanceLOL: We’re not laughing with you; we’re laughing at you.

In a way, it’s really a shame that the Krassenstein twins have been banned from Twitter.  Can you imagine how “Well-I-Nevery” those two pearl-clutching buffoons would get over this tweet?  It must gall them that they are unable to reply.

The ResistanceLOL doesn’t have a clue how absurd they come off when they indulge in this level of histrionics and frothing rage over a freaking joke.

At the end of the day, it is they, and not Trump, who look insane.

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6 thoughts on “Being this humorless is a real handicap

  • June 23, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Very correct. “That’s not funny!” might as well be Dem slogan. “Humorless and stupid…” is the way most folks seem when they can not laugh at themselves.

    In my California political minority experience, not a lot of Dems have that particular ability


  • June 24, 2019 at 6:47 am

    Sorta describes the late night comedians…Not Funny!

  • June 24, 2019 at 9:06 am

    libs are so easy to rile up. they believe everything bad thing they hear about republicans without worrying about any of the facts involved. it has to be a miserable existence being that stupid.

  • June 24, 2019 at 9:51 am

    The first thing I read at the beginning of the video, is “How Trumpisim outlasts Trump, the strength of his support”. That means that his policies, his views, his actions, the patriotism from his supporters will go on for decades, years, and possibly new millenium. This does not imply that he will go after a third, fourth, or ninetieth term. It means his patriotic spirit and brand of politics will live on. Good grief!

  • June 24, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    They still haven’t gotten Trump’s joke about the Russians finding Hillary’s emails for our incompetent fake news media.

  • June 25, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    Pretty funny reaction considering some Dems floated the idea of a third term for Soetoro.

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