Believers and Heretics

In the opening sequence of the 1998 Cate Blanchet film about Elizabeth I, Protestant reformers are burned at the stake by Queen Mary I of England. It’s a pretty disturbing scene.

Unfortunately, it’s also pretty damn historically accurate.

Mary – a staunch papist — hated the Reformation that began half-heartedly under her father Henry VIII and galloped along during the brief reign of her brother King Edward VI.

When she assumed the throne in 1553, Mary ushered in the Restoration period where England was restored to the papacy.

Reformers weren’t just pushed out of power under Queen Mary. They were Heretics and as such were dealt with accordingly.

There’s a reason she was nicknamed Blood Mary. Nearly three hundred Protestants were executed under Queen Mary’s Heresy Acts — most of them were burned at the stake.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but the five hundredth anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation is this coming October 31st.

On that day in 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the church doors in Wittenberg, Germany. And thus began the Protestant Reformation.

In this day and age when Catholics and Protestants live in relative harmony throughout the Western World, it may be difficult to imagine the brutal and vicious reaction to the Reformation at its start.

It was, in a word, bloody.

There was no middle ground. There were only Believers and Heretics.

And there certainly was not a “live and let live” attitude between the two.

So why am I bringing this up?

Is it out of a desire to educate you about the Reformation?

No, not really.

But it is to give you some context.

Today we are seeing the new rise of so-called Heretics and Believers.

But it isn’t in the Christian church.

Rather, it is in a newly formed religion known as Man-made Climate Change – or the People’s Church of Climate Justice.

Man-made Climate Change is not based on the scientific method. It isn’t science. Rather, it is a Dogma — articles of faith away from which nobody is permitted to veer.

It demands of its adherents complete fealty without question, skepticism or doubt.

That’s not science. Inherent is science is skepticism and doubt. In fact, skepticism is the cornerstone of the scientific method.

But for the Climate Change adherents, there can be no skepticism. You are not permitted to question the dogma.

You must simply believe.

And if you do not, you are labeled a heretic.

In much the same way Queen Mary enacted her Heresy Acts, California and New York State have considered prosecuting non-believers – or as they call them “Deniers.”

Now, to be fair, neither California nor New York State are considering burning heretics at the stake.

But I suspect that has more to do with a fear that those burnings would release carbon into our atmosphere than any desire to be civilized.

Apparently, they want a more green-friendly form of execution.


Sheesh. What is it with reactionary adherents to a primitive religion and their desire to separate our heads from our bodies?

After the so-called People’s March for the Climate on Saturday, I was scrolling through Twitter and was stunned at the absolute blind faith of those who adhere to the Church of Climate Justice.

Clever conservatives who have mastered the art of trolling Leftists got these guys worked up into such a lather just by pointing out the obvious truths about the nature of science and the reality of Weather.

The Climate Change faithful do not want to discuss science. Because science has no place in their faith.

Instead, they plug their ears and repeat their creed: “The science is settled! The science is settled! Climate Change is real! Climate Racism is real! The science is settled!”

They are Believers.

And the rest of us are Heretics.

Even those scientists who argue for using the scientific method in researching Climate Change are labeled Heretics. They have no right to speak. And if they teach at a university, they must be driven out of their jobs because they are not Believers in the Church of Climate Justice.

In Science, there is room for doubt.

But in the Church of Climate Justice, doubt is heresy.

And Heretics must be forced out of their positions, stripped of their funding, and excommunicated.

Just as the Catholic Church imprisoned Galileo for pointing out that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, so too the Church of Climate Justice wants to excommunicate any scientist who shows that the data at the heart of Man-made Climate Change is faulty.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Even post-enlightenment, post-Reformation, this desire to divide us into Believers and Heretics is alive and well.

Above, I said that it is difficult for modern-day Christians to imagine the brutal and vicious reaction to the Reformation at its start.

But the truth is, that is no longer the case.

Because we’re seeing again, aren’t we?

Believers and Heretics. The unwillingness to permit the questioning of Dogma. And the vehement reaction to skepticism.

They’re all back.

What I find ironic is most of the people who cling so faithfully to the Church of Climate Justice are the same ones who, thirty years ago, claimed that Evangelical Christians would force everyone else in America to live according to their beliefs.

But that never happened, did it?

Instead that kind of totalitarian Dogma is being practiced by the Church of Climate Justice.

Only, instead of burning us at the stake, apparently we must “beware the guillotine.”

Images from Breitbart.

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