Ben Sasse hopes McCain’s cranky pants fit him

Like drunken fans wrestling over a foul ball, Never Trump Republicans are trying to out-insufferable one another for the chance to fill the void left by the sneerly departed John McCain.

So while Democrat doofus Cory Booker proclaimed “I am Spartacus,” nominal Republican Senator Ben Sasse joined the other Never Trump stepping up to declare, “I am Maverick!”

Ben Sasse Maverick Moment

I kinda figured it was only a matter of time before Ben Sasse slipped on McCain’s cranky pants to see if they fit.

Sasse admitted that he often considers leaving the Republican Party and was immediately rewarded by the Anti-Trump media with oodles of press coverage.

CNN, Politico, NBC, ABC – everybody leapt on the story like starving jackals.

Sasse is so keen to fill McCain’s shoe’s, it’s as if he’s one of Cinderella’s step-sisters fighting over the glass slipper.

Of course his feet would fit better if Mitt Romney would only move his toes.

And just like Romney, Sasse won’t rule out running for President in 2020.

Hey, keep the media guessing, right? They’re more likely to keep inviting you on the Sunday shows that way.

Just ask John Kasich.

Ben Sasse has always struck me as long on sanctimonious lectures, but short on actual accomplishments.

Like a Monday morning quarterback or a backseat driver, Sasse loves to point out all the things President Trump is doing wrong that — if Sasse were in the White House — he would do better. But so far, Ben has yet to show us how he could do a better job than the President who just can’t stop winning.

If Sasse wants to change his party affiliation to Independent, let him.

Honestly, who cares?

Other than complain, has Sasse done anything noteworthy to earn the media spotlight he grabbed this weekend?

Of course not.

Because today, the only qualification to replace John McCain in the slobbering media’s eyes is being a Republican who hates Donald Trump.

Don’t expect this jockeying for McCain’s “Maverick” label to end anytime soon.

Especially if Mitt Romney gets elected to the Senate in November.

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