Bernie, Liz and the Politics of Envy

Bernie, Liz and the Politics of Envy

There’s nothing more resentful and divisive than the politics of envy.

But if it weren’t for the politics of envy, neither Bernie Sanders nor Liz Warren would have anything to run on.

Yesterday, I was tootling along on Twitter when I noticed Bernie railing against Microsoft founder Bill Gates for having the temerity to complain about being taxed to death by the socialists running for President.

Not only is this the politics of envy, it’s wish-casting.

Does Bernie Sanders really believe that he can squeeze a hundred billion dollars out of Bill Gates every single year?

Or that homelessness can be eradicated completely for a hundred billion dollars?

You could confiscate every penny from every billionaire in the country and you still couldn’t cover a year of government spending at our current levels — let alone the increased levels in spending Bernie hopes to impose on us.

And once you’ve taken every penny from all the billionaires, what do you do the next year and the year after that?

And the year after that?

As Margaret Thatcher famously said, the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.

But Bernie doesn’t need it to make sense.  With the politics of envy, math is irrelevant.  All that matters is ginning up anger and resentment among those who hate the fact that some people have more money than they do.

But for Bernie Sanders, this isn’t just a cynical exploitation of the politics of envy simply to appeal to the bitter and resentful.

He actually is one of the bitter and resentful.

But that shouldn’t come as a galloping shock.

Other than spending a lifetime suckling at the government tit, what has Bernie Sanders done?  What innovations has he contributed to our economy and society?  What jobs has he created?

The better question, if you ask me, is how the hell did Bernie Sanders become a millionaire when he has contributed next to nothing to our economy and society?

The innovations — not to mention charitable contributions — Bill Gates has made over the years have improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Can Bernie Sanders claim that?

Hell, can he claim a fraction of that?

Look at Bernie’s “message” in that tweet: “the billionaire class cannot have it all when so many have so little.”

Economic illiterate that he is, Bernie thinks there is a fixed, unchanging amount of wealth in the world and a few greedy bastards are hoarding it all.

People aren’t poor because Bill Gates is rich.

There aren’t homeless because of “the billionaire class.”

Envy coupled with that kind of ignorance is a dangerous combination. But that’s Bernie Sanders.

Then there’s Liz Warren.

Unlike Bernie, who really is that envious and resentful, Liz is cynically exploiting the politics of envy.

She is a very wealthy woman who has figured out that the way to get know-nothing voters to support her is to capitalize on the politics of envy.

And boy does she.

If you go to Warren’s website (why would you want to?), she actually has a “calculator for billionaires” where you can see just how much a specific American would pay under her unconstitutional “wealth tax.”

That’s a candidate for President of the United States targeting specific Americans so that envious, resentful voters can get a thrill over how much Liz will screw ’em over.

But, that’s the politics of envy for you.  You’re always counting other people’s money while ginning up resentment.

Actually, if you’re not following Carol Roth on Twitter, you really should.

Yesterday she had a thread that sums up Bernie, Liz and the politics of envy better than I ever could.

Both Warren and Sanders love to bellow about how divisive President Trump is. But the fact is that their politics of envy is fueled by ugly divisiveness.

The politics of envy exploits people who never take any responsibility for the decisions and choices they’ve made in their own lives and hands them someone else to blame.

It really is perverse.

And yet these two hateful cranks are the frontrunners in the Democrat primary.

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6 thoughts on “Bernie, Liz and the Politics of Envy

  • November 8, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    Walter Williams wrote

    No matter how worthy the cause it is robbery,theft,and injustice to confiscate
    the property of one person and give it to another to whom it does not belong.

  • November 8, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Both Sanders and Warren are so far off base as to what “Real Americans” want, they don’t stand a rats ass in hell of getting elected. Good riddance to bad actors.

  • November 8, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    For someone who tentatively claims to be Jewish (when it suits him) he sure does like to violate that pesky Tenth Commandment (Thou shall not covet). I wonder what Chief Panderbear Warren thinks about that commandment as well.

  • November 8, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Is it too much to ask that the government, at every level, stays the hell out of my life and stops stealing so much of my money?

    Because that is how the Founding Fathers set it up.

  • November 9, 2019 at 10:40 am

    When a candidate uses ‘Socialism’ as a platform for their campaign they are using a ‘Sales Tool’. Sales tools are useful for targeted markets. They are used to increase market share.

    By using the term socialism Bernie and Lizzie are luring inexperienced youthful types along with disaffected adults into their camp by the promise of more goodies if they support them and their platform of socialism. Problem is that there is no guarantee that socialism will work (as indicated by historical precedents) so the candidates have nothing to lose by making the promise. Like all failed socialist states, they will blame the fact that they did not socialize the system enough.

    Have you ever bought a product or a car based on ‘promised’ performance? I am sure we all have at one time or another and for many of us, more than once. Thing is that you buy the premise but there are no guarantees. Even if they sell you with inflated notions of expectations, there is no way you can enforce their promises when the deal is done. You sign on the bottom line without any real proof that what you expect will happen. You are smitten by the sales pitch.

    Older and wiser people realize there is no such thing as a free lunch as someone has to pay for it and eventually it will be your turn to do that. Inexperienced 20 somethings have not a clue as to how life really works. They are just not old enough nor have they had enough experience. It is a rare young person who ‘gets it’ when they are in their 20’s.

    The attractive part of ‘socialism’ is the ideas of a kinder, fairer government. Thing about this is that government is by design an inefficient system of using money. The more you ask of it the more it wastes. These concepts are lost on those who are sold the premise of socialism. All they see are the free goodies and the reduction in their personal responsibilities that an enlarged nanny state would do for them.

    So, when the word Socialism is bounced around, hide your wallets and don’t sign anything. The snake oil salesmen are back in town…

  • November 9, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Want to cut government spending? Let’s start with $15/hr for Senators. And no more lifetime pensions, but a nice 401(k) like everyone else. Time to stop putting other people’s money where your mouth is, Bernie.

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