Bernie Sanders: Newspaper thief


I saw this story this morning and it totally didn’t surprise me.

Apparently Bernie Sanders believes in redistributing newspaper subscriptions.

His neighbor got tired of stepping out and not finding his Sunday Post sitting on the stoop. So he called the subscription department of the Washington Post to complain.

The Post did a little checking and learned that the delivery guy was indeed delivering the paper.

In fact, the delivery guy insisted that the subscriber would come out immediately and pick up the paper as soon as he dropped it off. He even described the man as a white-haired, balding old guy in glasses.

Only problem is the subscriber in question is in his fifties and has a full head of dark hair.

The delivery guy was describing his neighbor — none other than Bernie Sanders.

Yup. It seems the decrepit socialist next door has been helping himself to the guy’s newspaper.

Is anyone really surprised by this?

I’m not.

Truth is, this is typical Bernie Sanders.

His idea of “free” is “somebody else pays for it.”

So why wouldn’t he take advantage of a “free” newspaper paid for by his neighbor?

It’s precisely the kind of America Bernie Sanders envisions.

Hat tip the Daily Wire

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