Bernie wasn’t the only victim of the Clinton/DNC rigging


John Podhoretz asks an interesting question over at the New York Post.

Did Hillary’s rigging at the DNC push Biden out of the race?

I have to admit, I wonder that same thing.

The DNC and the Clinton campaign were rigging the nomination. I think it’s impossible to conclude anything else.

But they weren’t just trying to undermine Bernie Sanders.

I think the fix was in even before Bernie announced his candidacy.

Frankly, the fact that only five Democrats chose to run for President in 2016 to me is a sign that the DNC had already decided to make Hillary Clinton their nominee.

And when you look at Hillary’s so-called “competition,” it’s clear they were never serious contenders.

Lincoln Chaffee?

Martin O’Malley?

Jim Webb?

Come on.

None of those three were Democrat Party luminaries.

In fact, the only other Democrat with the popularity and name-recognition to be a serious contender was Joe Biden.

I’d argue that Biden was far more popular among Democrats than Hillary Clinton.

And that’s not conjecture on my part. Joe Biden consistently polled much more favorably than Hillary.

And having read through the Podesta Emails from Wikileaks, I can tell you that Team Clinton was on pins and needles waiting for Biden to publicly make his decision.

Biden was a threat to Team Clinton.

And they knew it.

So how much of his decision to stay out of the race was determined for him by the DNC?

In October of 2015, the UK Daily Mail ran an article claiming that the women in the upper echelons of the DNC were rigging the nomination process to clear the way for Hillary Clinton.

I wrote about it at the time.

But for brevity’s sake, here is, in part, what the Daily Mail article said:

Speaking on the condition that she isn’t identified, she told Daily Mail Online that the party is in the tank for Clinton, and the women who run the organization decided it ‘early on.’

The committeewoman is supporting one of Hillary’s rivals for the Democratic nomination, and said she spoke freely because she believes the former Secretary of State is benefiting from unfair favoritism inside the party.

Clinton aims to be the first female to occupy the Oval Office, and ‘the party’s female leaders really want to make a woman the next president,’ the committeewoman said, rattling off a list of the women who she said are the ‘real power’ in the organization.

‘I haven’t heard anyone say we should make Hillary undergo a trial by fire,’ she added. ‘To the contrary, the women in charge seem eager, more and more, to have her skate into the general [election].’

Now, back to Podhoretz’s piece in the New York Post:

Forget for a moment the unfairness to Sanders that would characterize the next year as he surged against Clinton. What role might this agreement have played in Biden’s decision-making? Did he know? Did Hillary tell him?

Well, I doubt Hillary told him.

In fact, according to an October 15, 2015 article from Reuters, then-Senator Barbara Boxer urged Joe Biden to stay out of the race and instead, endorse Hillary.

Podhoretz continues:

Did President Barack Obama tell him? Did Biden realize he would be fighting not only Clinton but the entire apparatus of his own party and decide to bag it?

And that’s the key right there.

Did Joe Biden know that his challenger was not simply Hillary Clinton, but Hillary Clinton and the DNC?

Hillary lickspittle Peter Daou is not at all happy with Brazile’s claims that the DNC rigged the primaries for Hillary.

And on Twitter yesterday he fought back.

Among other things, Daou tweeted this:

But he’s missing the point.

If the DNC worked to prevent any viable candidates from entering the race to begin with, then they were rigging the primaries to favor Hillary.

The more honest question to me is this.

Forget Bernie Sanders. If Joe Biden had entered the 2016 race, would Hillary still have won the nomination?

Democrat voters weren’t given the opportunity to cast a ballot for Joe Biden. So we’ll never know.

And why weren’t they able to?

Podhoretz is right to ask.

Is the reason because the DNC was so far up Hillary’s pooch that they forced him to stay out?

My gut tells me the answer is yes.

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