Beta Males and the Feminist Narrative hardest hit

Beta Males

I stumbled across a tweet from Christina Hoff Sommers this morning that is going to be bad news for Beta Males — not to mention the entire Feminist Narrative.

According to this article in Heat Street, a Florida State University study reveals that women prefer manly men.

And nobody on Planet Earth was shocked to learn it.

But far from being poisoned by toxic masculinity, wives with traditionally manly husbands actually enjoyed a spike in marital satisfaction during their peak fertility days. Women with less masculine husbands got no such extra bump.

Ouch! Talk about blowing a hole in the Feminists’ narrative.

Sorry, Pajama Boy.

We’re just not that into Beta Males.

Now, any non-pussy-hat-wearing female could have told you this without Florida State University conducting a study.

Hell, I’ve been saying it for years.

In fact, last August after Barack Obama proudly told “Glamour Magazine” that he was a feminist, I wrote:

Let’s be honest here. Women who say they want a man who is a feminist are probably women who hate all things masculine (except Michelle Obama. They love Michelle.).
The girls who want men to be feminists probably thought the remake of “Ghostbusters” was great.
They are the easily offended and the perpetually angry. They’re the girls who believe “masculinity” is the source of all the evils in the world (rather than the wellspring of protection from the evils in the world).
Real women tend to be a hell of a lot happier. Which is what happens when you accept reality.
Living in a delusional Feminist Fantasyland would piss off anybody.
Real women expect men to be men.
We aren’t intimidated or threatened by masculinity. In fact, we’d prefer it over some big girl who cries at “Sleepless in Seattle” and wears a man-bun.
Well, it helps that real men are friggin’ sexy as hell.
Give me a choice between a cowboy with a three-day growth of beard or a metrosexual in skinny jeans and guy-liner, and you know which one I’ll choose.

Trust me.

When women share eye candy on Facebook, we’re not posting pictures of some sunken-chested pajama boy.

Instead, we post pictures like this.

Did it just get hot in here?

Just because feminists on college campuses can’t shut up about “Toxic Masculinity” doesn’t make it true.

And they don’t shut up about it, do they?

Even Heat Street makes that point:

San Francisco State University also linked these traits to rape in a recent post on men’s health: “Whether it’s being told to ‘man up’ or being told that men should be the ‘breadwinner,’ our society tells us men should exert power. While the vast majority of men will never commit sexual violence, studies show that those who do commit sexual violence strongly believe in these attitudes.”
Similarly, the University of Minnesota’s Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education recently urged men to develop “healthy masculinity” that “acknowledges the fluidity of gender beyond male and female.”

The stupid is strong in our citadels of higher learning, isn’t it?

Earlier this week, a commenter here at PatriotRetort wrote:

I think there’s a point where it will be necessary to seriously study how all the most mentally disturbed people in the United States became liberals. Maybe it was their education, but I’m more inclined to believe it’s genetic, and the only real hope is making a strong effort to persuade parents with liberal genes to avoid having children.

To which I replied:

At the rate they’re feminizing their men, that may just happen naturally.

The truth is, women on Planet Earth expect men to be … well … men.

We’re wired that way by nature.

This futile attempt to advance the narrative that Beta Males are the new sex symbol is falling flat on its face.

And no matter how hard feminists try to convince us that women prefer Beta Males, they just can’t change human nature or biology — let alone the fundamental definition of hotness.

Marine porn

Seriously. Is it getting hot in here?

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  • May 15, 2017 at 4:00 am

    “Daryl” on the Walking Dead. I rest my case.

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