Biden’s Bipartisan Enemies

Biden’s Bipartisan Enemies

You know I spent yesterday afternoon mulling over this column you’re reading right now. And if you get to end and think it’s garbage, that probably doesn’t say much for my mulling skills. I watched several of the clips from yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland, and what struck me most is just how boneheaded the Biden administration is for turning parents of school children into political enemies.

In January, we watched as this administration turned Republicans into enemies. And while slippery slopes are considered a faulty argument in logic, they are the primary mode of transportation for the Biden administration and the Democrats.

In short, the Biden administration was never going to be satisfied with just making enemies out of the opposing party. Eventually, they would get around to making enemies out of everyone.

Biden vowed to bring back bipartisanship. We just didn’t realize what he meant was compiling a bipartisan enemies list.

This decision to demonize, vilify and criminally “investigate” parents of school children is the perfect example.

Parents exist across the political spectrum – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, unaffiliated. Yet the Biden administration thinks nothing of launching a full-scale intimidation campaign against the people whose only sin is caring about the welfare and education of their children.

Naturally the media is on board, slandering these parents as racists and bigots. Writing think pieces about why parents have no right to involve themselves in their children’s education. And painting them with the same broad brush they used against Trump voters by claiming these parents are “QAnon” members and just like the “insurrectionists” who “attacked our democracy.”

This White House even went so far as to collude with a union, the National School Boards Association, to concoct a pretense for the Justice Department to go after parents protesting at school board meetings.

Even after the NSBA apologized for that letter, the Attorney General remains committed to turning parents into enemies of the State.

And even President Biden continues to smear and attack those who support parents’ rights.

This week, Biden went to Virginia to campaign for the odious Terry McAuliffe and inexplicably compared Republican Glenn Youngkin to the January 6 rioters at the Capitol, saying “Extremism can come in many forms. It can come in the rage driven to assault the Capitol. It can come in a smile and a fleece vest.”

But this is exactly what Joe Biden thinks. For Biden, it isn’t the Democrats versus Republicans. It’s the Democrats versus Americans.

To Joe Biden, “Extremism” can come in the form of any American who might disagree with him. His enemies extend beyond political party.

The suburban voters who are drawn to Youngkin because he isn’t spitting vitriol hear something like this coming from the man who claimed he wanted to “restore the soul of America,” and it only confirms for them that Youngkin is the better choice.

Yesterday, Glenn Youngkin released this campaign ad, and I have to say, given the environment Joe Biden is creating, it hits the mark.

Six months ago, Biden and the Democrats were conflating all Trump voters with the so-called “insurrectionists.” Now they’re painting a harmless businessman with bipartisan support among Virginia voters as a white supremacist and insurrectionist. They’re smearing parents simply for wanting to be involved in their children’s education.

So while Youngkin is garnering bipartisan support, Joe Biden, Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats are making bipartisan enemies.

In an effort to keep Virginia in the hands of a Democrat, nothing is off the table. They will burn the state the ground so long as a Democrat can rule over the ashes.

And they won’t stop with Virginia. When the midterm election cycle kicks into gear, Democrats will use the same tactics they’re using for McAuliffe in every race across the country.

Back in June, in my column “Critical Race Theory apologist deploy the Anti-Tea Party playbook,” I wrote:

All the same slander, ridicule and attacks hurled at the Tea Party are being dusted off and deployed against those fighting to get Critical Race Theory out of their schools. And it is not at all surprising.

When there is a rising populist movement fighting back against the Left, the Democrats and the media pull out all the stops to destroy it. It’s what they do. It’s what they’ve always done.

No lie is off the table. No slander is beyond the pale.

They aren’t angry and upset because those opposing Critical Race Theory don’t understand what it is; they’re angry because we know exactly what it is and just how pervasive it’s become.

You weren’t supposed to know. Parents especially weren’t supposed to find out what kind of insidious and evil indoctrination their children are subjected to in the classroom.

The Virginia race, Merrick Garland targeting parents — we’re seeing this play out right now, aren’t we?

Because like with the Tea Party movement, the parents joining the fight over their children’s education are not backing down no matter how ugly the attacks.

Why do you think they won’t let go of January 6? They need it. They need it to stay front and center because every single person who opposes the radical Democrat agenda will be smeared as being just like those “insurrectionists.”

Check out the replies to that Youngkin campaign ad tweet. Meme after meme attempting to conflate Glenn Youngkin with the “insurrection.” When you understand the goal, those replies won’t make you angry, they’ll make you laugh at how ham-handed and moronic the tactic is.

They’re afraid.

They’re afraid because the weapons they rely on to silence their opponents aren’t working – mostly because their opponents are regular Americans who are so tired of this garbage that they’re fighting back.

As I said back in June,

Playing offense is such a surprise to the Left, they don’t know how to handle it. So they fall back to the only weapons in their arsenal. They call their opponents “racists” and “conspiracy theorists.” They slander and smear in the most derisive and vicious ways.

They will say anything, do anything, make any slanderous attack to maintain their grip on power – especially their power over public education. That is the one piece of ground they simply cannot surrender.

If you thought the attacks on the Tea Party were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The battle to keep parents from meddling in the indoctrination of their own children is going to make the vilification of the Tea Party look like playground taunts.

But the end result of these attacks may also be similar to the Tea Party movement. Despite the constant drumbeat of slanderous smears, the Tea Party ushered in the biggest Republican House majority in over sixty years. But the victories weren’t just in Congress. Throughout the country Democrats lost hundreds of seats in state and local governments. 2010 was an electoral bloodbath.

The attacks against the Tea Party didn’t cow the Tea Party into silence; the attacks emboldened them. It made it crystal clear just how little those in power cared about the consent of the governed.

And here we are. It’s déjà vu all over again. And, as it was with the Tea Party, the current fight against the radical Democrats is coming from people of every political party.

Suburban moms who attend a school board meeting out of concern for their children’s education are getting painted as “insurrectionists” and “extremists” by the “moderate” President they voted for just a year ago. The Attorney General of the United States is sending federal law enforcement to “investigate” them for daring to give a damn about what their children are being exposed to in school.

That’s what the Democrats don’t seem to understand. Biden, McAuliffe, all of them, they believe that the only opposition they face is from one opposing party. They don’t seem to realize that making enemies of parents with school age children isn’t limiting their enemies to people who traditionally vote Republican.

Americans who have valid reasons not to get the COVID vaccine or don’t want their children forced to wear masks for eight hours straight five days a week are being called dangerous “insurrectionists.”

This isn’t winning anybody over. In fact, it’s a sure-fire way to turn former supporters into opponents.

What I can’t figure out is why the Democrats are doing something so remarkably self-defeating. I suppose part of the problem is what I described a few weeks ago — namely that this administration governs by what trends on Twitter. But there’s got to be more to it than that.

Is it arrogance and overconfidence?

Are they lashing out in fear and desperation?

Or is it simply that they’ve grown so used to these intimidation tactics working, that they do not know how to react when Americans refuse to be intimidated and decide instead to fight back?

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    Thank you

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      They should bundle him up and ship him off to the Canary Islands for a real-life version of Joe Versus the Volcano.

  • October 28, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    They only have one play: Demonize.

    They went down the enemies list and kept on demonizing and it worked. Trump. Deplorables. Insurrectionists.

    The FATAL flaw in the plan will become visible next week: All these parents they are demonizing are DEMOCRATS. I guess it never occurred to them that THEIR base wants to be taken seriously.

  • October 29, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Dianne, your mulling skills are just fine.

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