My Big Fat Foundation Wedding


With everything going on lately, I hadn’t had a chance until today to comment on Doug Band’s accusation that Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation money to pay for her wedding.

I read the email yesterday, but honestly? I was a little tapped out to address it.

In one of the many “Chelsea-bashing” emails Band sent to Podesta, he included this reply:

The investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade, taxes on money from her parents….
I hope that you will speak to her and end this
Once we go down this road….

Yeah, I don’t have any trouble believing Chelsea would use the Foundation to bankroll her lavish multi-million dollar wedding.

Do you?

Sure, Doug Band clearly doesn’t like Chelsea. But my gut tells me this isn’t just sour grapes or a desire to get her into hot water.

She’s a Clinton after all.

We’re talking about the people who stole White House furniture on their way out the door.

I can totally see Chelsea and her parents finagling a way to use Foundation funds to give the little princess the storybook wedding she always wanted.

All three Clintons suffer from “Wealth Envy.”

More than power, these three desire to live the lives all their wealthy friends enjoy.

And they sure as hell don’t want to work hard or build something substantive to earn that wealth.

They would hesitate even for a nanosecond to use their Foundation to bankroll a lavish lifestyle for themselves.

Bill and Hill did it through pay-to-play and astronomical speaking fees.

Would Chelsea find a way to game the Foundation into her helping her live the good life?

The sad reality is when it comes to the Clintons, it’s impossible not to believe she would.

They are all grasping, greedy, grubbing Grifters.

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