Big stinky fear

Rush Limbaugh likes to say that the Left will tell you whom they fear by whom they attack. Given the level and intensity of these slanderous attacks against Donald Trump, I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing some big, stinky fear.

The thing about the Democrats and their Enslaved Press that always trips them up is they overplay their hand. Maybe out of cockiness. Or perhaps just because for years they had a monopoly on disseminating information, these guys never leave well enough alone. They always push too far.

For years they’ve had reason to be confident that this sort of reckless overplay would never blow back on them.

When you control the narrative, who’s going to call you out?

But they don’t control the narrative anymore.

Truthfully? I don’t think they realized that until this election cycle.

And they’re not taking it at all well.

A week ago, they played their hand. An eleven year old video of Donald Trump talking in a pretty vulgar manner with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

I have no doubt that every member of the Enslaved Press believed that video would end Trump’s candidacy.

Any other Republican at any other time? It would have.

So certain was the Enslaved Press that they scored a direct hit, they were already writing his campaign obituary while declaring that Hillary had won.

It was over, they told us. Trump was done.

Two days later, he came back and beat the snot out of Hillary in that debate.

One week later, and not only is he still standing, Donald Trump is once again in the lead.

I have no doubt that the NBC video from 2005 was the biggest and best smoking gun the Enslaved Press had.

And that smoking gun backfired.

So what do they do?

They panic.

Trust me. They are panicking. Their desperation is oozing off of them like a rancid stink.

Once again, the Enslaved Press is overplaying their hand. For the last several days, they’ve been trotting out one woman after another making claims against Trump that, with even a mild level of scrutiny fall apart in the wash.

These guys are tossing anything against the wall hoping it sticks.

Why would the Enslaved Press destroy what little credibility they have left?

It seems like a self-destructive move.

Because it is a self-destructive move.

But when you’re terrified, you don’t always make the best decisions.

The Enslaved Press and the Democrat Party are in a blind panic over something.

I’m telling you. Something has them scared silly. So much so that all I’m sensing is big, stinky fear.

Trust me. The polls they present to us are nothing like the polls that are being conducted internally.

If Trump were really DOA, they wouldn’t need to look under every rock for yet another woman to make an easily disproved accusation against him.

My guess is, Trump is doing a hell of a lot better than they want us to know. And they don’t want us to know.

Problem is, their own panic and hysteria is kind of telegraphing the truth.

Can’t you smell it? That big, stinky fear?

Things aren’t going the way they want. They’re losing control of the narrative. Americans aren’t paying any attention to them. And the louder they shriek, the more hysterical they get, the more we tune them out.

I also suspect that the WikiLeaks Podesta emails are far more damaging to Hillary than the Enslaved Press cares to admit.

Sure, they’re not really reporting on it. But this isn’t 1992. They’re not the only game in town and, frankly, we’re not paying attention to what they report on anyway.

And that’s what’s scaring them most of all.

They have no control over the narrative. And the more they realize that Americans no longer count on them, let alone trust them, the more panicked they become.

The more panicked they become, the more shrill and over-the-top their reporting.

Whether it’s the fact that a video tape, which in 1992 would have destroyed a Republican candidate, rolled off Trump like he was ScotchGuarded. Or something small like people showing up at Clinton rallies yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

The Enslaved Press is watching their stranglehold on the American people come tumbling down around them like a house of cards.

Rather than cede, rather than admit defeat, they become more hysterical and over-the-top in their reporting.

And in their blind panic, what they fail to see is Trump isn’t the one being harmed.

They Enslaved Press, the corporate media, they’re destroying themselves.

These guys aren’t operating from a position of strength, but a position of weakness.

Trump isn’t on the defensive; they are.

And if you don’t think that makes them all manner of panic-stricken, think again.

Nothing they try is working, so every day they try something even more reckless and foolish. To the point where CNN is starting to look a lot less like a news outlet and more like TMZ.

What’s truly sad is that “journalism” is committing suicide all in service to a wretched, despised, distrusted criminal named Hillary Clinton.

They sold their souls and their reputations to a corrupt and hated woman.


If they weren’t such vile people themselves, I’d almost feel sorry for them.

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4 thoughts on “Big stinky fear

  • October 14, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Well said but fear that you are preaching to the choir.

    • October 14, 2016 at 8:13 pm

      I’m not preaching at all. I’m stating reality.

      The only people preaching to an ever shrinking choir are the Enslaved Press.

  • October 14, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    The ones who are really fruitlessly preaching to the choir are folks like Ben Shapiro, whose ‘Wire’ article last week proclaimed Trump’s goose cooked, and Stacy McCain, who staked his reputation forever on the same myopic prediction, like he was a climate scientist proclaiming the science settled. They and many others like them found their adoring choirs just a little bit less enthusiastic and a little more uneasy this week. Good.

  • October 15, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Reminds me of the the old cartoon “Wacky Racers” where Dick Dastardly would have his car inches from the finish line, but would insist on setting up some scheme to prevent the other racers from winning. Instead, the scheme backfires and Dastardly finishes in last place. If victory is in the bag, just drive that car the last few inches and win.

    My local rag publishes never ending Trump-bashing news and Trump bashing editorials and op-ed pieces from left wing bloggers. All week long statements like “Trump poll numbers cratering” and “Hillary soaring in the polls” are being tossed around and the only place I see that is in NBC or CNN polls that I put no stock in whatsoever. It’s a dog-pile of epic proportions which just leaves the conclusion, as you so magnificently put it, they are scared to death.

    The proof is in the pudding. If Trump was really “cratering” in the polls, his crowds would be getting smaller and smaller. The inevitable victory of Hillary would be causing the supporters to throw their hands up in defeat. But its not being sold on the American public. His crowds are bigger than ever, her crowds still suck. She had to rely on a concert to give the illusion she drew 18,000+ at Ohio State last week. If the crowd sizes were reversed, then yeah I would give credence to this horse race being over with a few weeks to go. I still believe Trump has a very good chance of winning.

    Plus those of us know that if Hillary wins, its game, set and match for the country. We’re not sitting this one out.

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