Bitter Jill’s $3.5 Million Boondoggle

Well, there you have it folks. Jill Stein’s effort to tie up Wisconsin’s ten electors has come to an end.

And this $3.5 Million boondoggle only confirmed what we knew on election night.

Donald Trump won Wisconsin.

Of course, this time, he won it by 131 more votes than we originally thought.

So, thanks Jill!

Isn’t this a little like shelling out $3.5 million for a Beverly Hills mansion only to discover this is what you bought?

What a terrific waste of money.

If this is how Jill Stein manages money, could you imagine her in charge of a multi-trillion dollar Federal Government?

In a sane world, Jill Stein would be a completely disgraced fringe candidate who will be quickly forgotten and never heard from again.

But when have Leftists ever lived in a sane world?

When it comes to the Left, failure is a résumé-enhancer.

Just look at Hillary Clinton.

That woman has more failures on her record than a seventeen-year-old fourth grader.

Jill will ride this recount boondoggle to another run for the White House.

You know I’m right. Leftists never go away even when they should be driven away in shame.

Of course, the Left already knew this recount boondoggle would fail.

Which is precisely why they moved on to Plan G: blaming Russia.

Now their hope is to be able to ride the Red Scare all the way to next Monday and browbeat electors into not confirming the vote for Donald Trump.

My gut tells me this will fail just like every other underhanded, butt-hurt tactic the Left has deployed over the last month.

Honestly, I have never seen such sore losers in my entire life.

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One thought on “Bitter Jill’s $3.5 Million Boondoggle

  • December 13, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Crazy Uncle BS (Bernie) bought a $6 million house after he conceded the nomination efforts over to the Hildabeast. Now Crazier Auntie Jill has stepped up for Hillary to cause a ruckass with these phony recounts. I wonder what her payoff will be? Friggin Criminally Insane Commies!

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