Blacks aren’t supposed to catch on


Of all the revealing information gleaned from WikiLeaks’ release of John Podesta’s emails, the thing that will no doubt damage Hillary’s campaign the most is the least surprising.

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner is outraged at the discovery that Team Clinton considered using the death of her father to advance Hillary’s politically-motivated agenda.

For those who don’t remember, Eric Garner was the New York City resident who died following an altercation with police over his selling loose cigarettes. After police wrestled him to the ground, Garner was whisked away and later died of a heart attack.

Ms. Garner is furious over the emails that show the Clinton people discussing how best to use Garner’s death for the campaign.

From Fox News:

“I’m troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed ‘using’ Eric Garner … Why would you want to ‘use my dad?” she said. “These people will co-opt anything to push their agenda.”

I hardly blame Ms. Garner for feeling used.

But the truth is, Democrats have been using blacks to push their agenda for decades.

Their one hope has been that blacks don’t catch on to that fact.

Hillary’s campaign has been using blacks as pawns since the very beginning.

She needs their votes so desperately that nothing is off the table.

Hillary glommed on to the “Mothers of the Movement” group not because she cares about blacks, but because she cares about black votes.

In Feburary, 2016, when cobbling together a speech Hillary was to give in Minnesota, the Clinton army of scriptwriters debated on whether or not Hillary should mention the death of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police in November of 2015.

Alexandra Fitssoff, who served as Press Secretary for the Clinton Campaign in Minnesota wrote:

I don’t know how that Jamar Clark line is going to play out. I am happy to speak with someone on the phone about it.

Megan Rooney, one of Hillary’s speechwriters also weighs in:

Could you scout out how the Jamar Clark line with [sic] play out?

In other words: “Somebody poll-test using Jamar Clark in this speech.”

In September 2015, while preparing remarks Hillary would make in both Ohio and Wisconsin, the scriptwriting team discussed whether Hillary should make use of the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton by a Milwaukee police officer in April, 2014.

Mini Timmaraju writes:

Defer to the larger group on this but flagging- can we keep the reference to the Dontre Hamilton case and his mother? That’s going to be important for our local politics here.

Huma answers:

Yes def ok to keep the reference
She never wants to look like we are taking political advantage of a tragedy with a family but tone seems right here

To which Mini responds:

HRC got thunderous applause when she talked about Dontre.

Amanda Renteria was thrilled with this news:


Yes, that’s all that matters, right? Hillary can use the death of an African American man if it garners her thunderous applause. So long as it doesn’t look like she’s taking advantage for political purposes.

For Team Clinton, Black Lives Matter only insofar as it helps to advance Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

As Neera Tanden so clearly articulates in an email with the subject line Black Lives Matter – A thought:

Given all that has happened over the last few days with the Black Lives Matter movement, I thought it would be a good idea for Hillary to pen an op ed, discussing the pain people feel as parents at the loss of their children to these incidents of police brutality, how as a parent, she knows that pain is magnified because it happens at the hands of the state, and her commitment to solve the problem as President.

Interesting, isn’t it? How her campaign team determines what Hillary Clinton knows about the pain blacks feel?

But I digress…

Given her strong words on Charlotte, it could serve as a reminder that she gets it…that racism isn’t like everything else. She wouldn’t have to mention Bernie’s name, but I think it could really respond to the sense of continual injured dignity….I think, but others will know better, that it will move around the social media networks.

And getting play on social media is all that matters.

Hillary latches on to issues her campaign team believes are important in the black community the way a tick latches on to a dog’s back.

And she will ride along on that issue so long as she her campaign can be fed from it.

So, yes, Ms. Garner. Hillary will co-opt anything to advance her agenda.

And her agenda is to win the White House by any means necessary – even if that means exploiting the death of your father.

These people are parasites.

This is what they do.

Their only hope is that blacks don’t catch on that they’re being used.

Unfortunately for Team Clinton, WikiLeaks spoiled their secret.

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2 thoughts on “Blacks aren’t supposed to catch on

  • October 28, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Clinton Cedes Spotlight to Fellow First Lady Michelle Obama
    ‘Listen,the darkies don’t like me.You need to pretend I’m not a bigoted,negro-hating racist long enough to get into office.They’re so stupid they’ll believe anything you tell them.’
    There were two first ladies on the stage Thursday, but the one running for president clearly came second.

    “Seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?” Hillary Clinton asked the 11,000 who packed into a basketball arena here, making Clinton’s first joint appearance with Obama the largest indoor event of her entire campaign.

  • October 28, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    “Such a nasty woman” such a nasty campaign.

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