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RANT: Derangement & Resistance in MAGA Country

In this third volume of her collected columns, Dianny takes on the unintentionally hilarious lunacy of the Anti-Trump Resistance. From Hollywood to the News Media, from elected members of Congress to the Queen of the Resistance herself, Hillary Clinton, Dianny shines a bright, entertaining spotlight on the Trump Deranged and their descent into utter comical lunacy.

Spanning columns from election night 2016 until mid-2019, RANT: Derangement & Resistance in MAGA Country features a treasure-trove of Dianny’s signature agitprop images and lots of laughs.  So many laughs, in fact, the laughter will be seared into your memory – indelible in the hippocampus (thanks for that, Christine Blasey-Ford!)

RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama


Volume One of Dianny’s daily column, DIANNY RANTS, this insightful, snarky, not to mention hilarious, collection takes aim at politics in the Age of Obama — from the Royal Family (AKA The Obamas) to the first cartoon character ever to occupy the office of Vice President. From Gun Control to Gay Marriage. From Immigration Reform to Hollywood. Prepare to be entertained, frustrated, and inspired. RANT is a powerful, often hysterical read.

RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama

RANT 2 Cover art smaller

Volume Two of Dianny’s daily column, DIANNY RANTS. RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama picks up where Diann Russell’s first volume left off.

Diann delves even deeper into the murky depths of life in Obama’s America — starting at the top with Obama himself and working her way down to the shark-infested waters of Obama’s “Fundamentally Transformed” America. Whether it’s a nagging, pampered First Lady, the endless vacations, the threat of ISIS, the failure of Obamacare, the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, or pot in the White House brownies, Diann’s unique wit and brutal honesty never fail to hit their mark.

In addition to being part political commentary, part razor-sharp satire, RANT 2.0 also includes almost 100 of Diann’s bitingly clever agitprop images.

Liberals will hate it!

Conservatives will love it!

Establishment Republicans will feel left out entirely — which, really, is as it should be.

RANT 2.0 will inspire you, infuriate you and entertain you.

Liberals Gone WILD!!! — The Not-So-Silent Conquering of America

Liberals Gone Wild Cover Small

For more than a century, Liberalism has sought to quietly conquer our nation from within. Barack Obama’s election to President took the “quiet” out of this quiet coup. The curtain has been pulled back and we can see before our very eyes Liberalism’s assault on our nation. And we know today that Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” is nothing more than the overthrow of America. From the weakening of our national defense and appeasement of America’s enemies to the targeting of American citizens through governmental agencies and NSA spying. From the destruction of the family and our civil society to the eroding of our educational system. From the undermining of our Constitution to the downsizing of American culture. With laser-like clarity and surprising humor, Diann Russell’s book dives in and explores this not-so-silent conquering of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, and the counter-offensive required to restore our nation.


Sliding Home Feet First

Sliding Home Cover Art 4 small

Sliding Home Feet First is the story of Patrick O’Donnell, a young man growing up in Chicago during the 1960s. Patrick finds himself struggling to reconcile his traditional upbringing with a culture that has rejected the past. But his experiences help him discover a balance between the chaotic world in which he lives and the home and family whom he loves.

Sliding Home Feet First is baseball, rock ‘n roll, political protest, free love, and a grandmother who has taken up boxing at the Y. It is a story of an American family.

Under the Cloud

Under The Cloud Cover Art SMALL

“It’s time to stop running and face your past. Because until you do, you will never be able to change. And this is all about change.”

“Under the Cloud” is the story of Carol McMillan – a successful fashion model whose life takes an unexpected turn after a car accident lands her in AA. When she learns of the death of her father, she returns home to Upstate New York for the first time since she ran away at the age of seventeen.

Carol’s trip home forces her to confront the events of her past that drove her from the only home she ever knew.

Told in both the “present” of 1972, and the “past” of 1960, “Under the Cloud” is filled with vivid characters, hilarious adventures and heart-wrenching grief. It is a “coming of age” story. It is a story of confronting and letting go of the past, accepting the present, and finding redemption and peace, and the courage to change.

You can find my e-books at all of these fine stores:, Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iTunes, and Barnes & Noble Nook Store.

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