Boy, those internal polling numbers must be bleak

Boy, those internal polling numbers must be bleak

Given how often Democrats and the media keep accusing President Trump of being a racist, I’m thinking the internal polling shows that his favorability among blacks must be on the rise.

And that is one thing the Democrats cannot afford.

Using his powerful Twitter account, yesterday the President shined a bright spotlight on the plight of West Baltimore and the failure of Democrat governance.

And, boy howdy, are the Democrats super upset.

Are they upset over the plight of West Baltimore?


Are they upset with the piles of garbage and the infestation of rats?


Are they upset that fellow Americans are living in third world hell-hole conditions?


Are they upset about the corruption?

Hahahaha! Hardly.

No, what has them clutching their pearls and well-I-nevering has nothing to do with the very issues President Trump highlighted.

Instead, they’re upset because Elijah Cummings – an “honorable” man and the “conscience of the party” — is being attacked by that big, fat racist/White Supremacist/Nazi Trump.

Meanwhile, a weepy “journalist” on CNN delivered an Oscar-worthy performance as he tearfully accused President Trump of calling black and brown people “infestations.”

I’m fairly certain Trump was referring to the infestation of rats plaguing black and brown people living in West Baltimore, but you do you.

The rapid deployment of the “Trump is a racist” talking point tells me the internal polling numbers have the Democrats worried.

I’ve said before that if the Democrats can’t secure 90-95% of the black vote, they are in trouble.

President Trump is calling attention to the living conditions in one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country.  And he’s asking a very valid question: what has Elijah Cummings done for you?

Sure, Cummings has done a lot for himself and for his wife. But what concrete improvements has he made to the lives of his own constituents?

Democrats are furious because they know the answer isn’t a positive one.

While Elijah Cummings has gotten fat and happy living off the taxpayers, his constituents remain stuck in a high crime, garbage and rat-infested area of Baltimore.

President Trump believes that black Americans deserve better than generational poverty, bad schools and incompetent government.

And in two and a half years, he has done far more for blacks living in Democrat-run cities than Elijah Cummings has accomplished in his thirty-plus years in office.

Is the internal polling telling Democrats the same thing?

I’m thinking it is.

I’m thinking internal polling shows that blacks are beginning to realize just how much this President is actually doing compared to just how little their Democrat leaders have done.

If the only response Democrats have to the President calling attention to this plight is to accuse him of being a racist, let’s just say my spider sense is tingling.

Democrats have neglected blacks for decades.  They could afford to, couldn’t they?  Once they secured large majorities of their votes, they didn’t need them anymore.

But that neglect has taken its toll.

And that’s the fundamental difference between the Democrats and President Trump.

He isn’t neglecting them. Instead, he is fighting to end this cycle.  By stopping the flow of illegals who take their jobs and depress their wages.  By stripping regulations that impede businesses from hiring. And it’s working.

Black unemployment is the lowest on record.

You think blacks don’t notice that?

Internal polling must be bleak if the Democrats’ only response is to accuse President Trump of racism for the crime of calling attention to the horrible conditions within Democrat-run cities.

Unlike the Democrats, this wholesale neglect bothers the hell out of Donald Trump.  This is the greatest nation in the world.  No American should be living in squalor.  No Americans should be forced to run hoses from fire hydrants in order to get water into their homes.  No Americans should be up to their tits in garbage and vermin.

While all this squalor goes unnoticed, Elijah Cummings has seen his and his wife’s own fortunes increase.

In fact, yesterday as the Democrats howled “RACIST!” at President Trump, Elijah Cummings was with Nancy Pelosi dining at a 5-star restaurant in Venice, Italy. 

Meanwhile, the news media runs defense for Cummings and pretends that everything in Baltimore is tickety-boo.

When Baltimore Republican Kimberly Klacik began posting these videos of the squalor in Baltimore, the news media sprang into action – not to follow up on her videos, but to attack her.

But of course they are.  President Trump is tweeting out her videos.

You think folks living in these poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, garbage-laden areas don’t notice that it is the President of the United States calling attention to what’s happening?

But rather than actually act to improve the lives of those in places like West Baltimore, the Democrat Party circles the wagons to protect Elijah Cummings — the very politician who has done nothing for those Americans.

Democrats don’t have time to improve their lives.  They’re far too busy trying to stop black Americans from abandoning the Democrat Party.  And the only arrow in their quiver is to accuse President Trump of being a racist.

The media will happily play along because they don’t give a rat’s ass about the living conditions of those the Democrat Party neglects.

Plus, Orange Man Bad.

And that right there is why the Democrats and the media hate President Trump’s tweets.

His tweets go over the heads of the media directly to the people.  And he is saying the quiet parts out loud – the very things Democrats (and the media) want hidden.

If I had to guess, I’d say Democrats know that President Trump’s message is resonating. And their internal polling is showing that. But they’re just too stupid to know how to handle the news.

Instead of taking proactive steps to improve the lives of black Americans, they choose instead to demagogue while making wild promises of “free” stuff and “reparations.”

And of course they resort to the RACIST! card against President Trump while hoping that black voters don’t notice just how little the Democrats have actually done for them.

One final note.

Remember that Trump tweet from 2012 that I posted a couple weeks ago?

We’re seeing it play out again, aren’t we?

By pushing Elijah Cummings for the sorry conditions in his district, President Trump got the Democrats to admit the ugly truth.

They don’t care about those conditions one bit.  And they don’t care about the people who have to live there. Instead, they expend their energy white knighting for the incompetent Democrat Congressman who’s turned a blind eye to this decay for decades.

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12 thoughts on “Boy, those internal polling numbers must be bleak

  • July 28, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Dianny: Instead of taking proactive steps to improve the lives of black Americans, they choose instead to demagogue while making wild promises of “free” stuff and “reparations.”

    Reminded me of this:

    …“Trump is taking benefits away from black Americans by giving them jobs!” US Rep. Ilhan Omar shouted at a press conference about the event.

    “You may think a low unemployment rate is good, but it’s just part of Trump’s evil racist plan to make sure blacks are no longer wards of the state. It’s horribly racist to make them work!” she added.

    Parody from Hard to write parody nowadays. All too believable.

  • July 28, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    last I heard Jenna B Hager identified as GOP! she has repeatedly attacked Don the last 25 months. Just today she attacked him over his “racist” attack on Cummings.

    ALL LIBERALS, MSM, Dem + GOP hate Don’s tweets! Again ALL LIBERALS UNIPARTY has been liberal for 56 years. Still is 7/1+!

    “racist” in quotes because it is Bush’s words! A lie; but whats new with a bush liar?

    • July 29, 2019 at 10:31 am

      I wonder if Jenna Bush voted in the last presidential election because her father certainly didn’t (and her grandfather voted for Hillary).

  • July 28, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    ol exaJahead;

    I have no idea of what you’re talking about. No disrespect meant, but your posting doesn’t seem to make much sense. I don’t understand what “Still is 7/1+!” represents. Please explain.

    By the way, there is no such thing as an “Ex Marine”. “Once a Marine … Always a Marine”.

    From a former “Squid”.

  • July 29, 2019 at 3:23 am

    Another excellent piece of well written truth. It’s getting to be in some political ads the Democrats don’t use the (D.) after their name for fear of losing voters. DC pols should go to Baltimore if they are such avid backers of Elijah Cummings just to prove how great he is.

  • July 29, 2019 at 8:27 am

    F T Sailor

    Agreed! I type not well.

    It should say 7/28/19.

    And there is “such a thing” I have many friends that are “e” – i a good way! So the UINIPARTY (libs from the 2 bigs) is now; and has been for decades – progressive.

  • July 29, 2019 at 9:05 am

    Politics is a contest of territory. The democrats have been gradually incorporating minority groups into their ‘territory’. Problem is that once these groups, be they hispanic, black, or any other demographic, are incorporated into the democratic fold then the policies of the democrats take full hold of the community.

    The byproduct of the democratic agenda is a societal stagnation within their urban districts. It is no coincidence that the impoverished inner city neighborhoods are democratic strongholds. This is the design of a party bent on keeping people within its folds. If the democrats were to actually elevate the lives and improve their communities, well, these people in those communities might start thinking for themselves and then it is possible they might vote, perish the thought; REPUBLICAN!!!!!!

    The media being the democrats attack dog go out and try to hide the truth of the actual plan the democrats use and keep it from the eyes of the public. Milk Dud’s district (Elijah Cummings) is as it is because they intend to keep it that way with the they being democrats. As long as squalor reigns in the inner city the district will vote democratic. Of course the reason it is a mess and worse than a third world nation is blamed on the republicans although I cannot think of one thing congressionally promoted by the republicans that would result in the blight seen in this neighborhood. Oh, wait, the media will think of something……

    • July 29, 2019 at 10:22 am

      I LOVE the Milk Dud’s description!!! Perfect!

  • July 29, 2019 at 10:22 am

    Seems like Bernie the Red made basically the same comments about Baltimore that Trump did. Wonder if anyone will bring that up at the debates???

    According to Orkin, the top 10 most rat-infested cities, starting w/Chicago, are — drum roll — all run by Democrats. Shocked, I tell ya, just shocked!

    But, I will say, residents need to care for their own communities. My parents always taught us that you don’t throw crap in the streets. Put it in its rightful place — it’s called a TRASH CAN.

  • July 29, 2019 at 10:49 am

    The Trump is a racist lie narrative is the simply the white demonKKKrats, who happily kill millions of black babies, following their departed leader’s suggestion.

  • July 29, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Perhaps we should take a look at Elijah Cumming’s taxes…?

    • July 29, 2019 at 5:41 pm

      Taxes. Actually I believe Cummings thinks that is a state next to Mexico. I am more concerned as to how much the wealthy Rep. Elijah Cummings has given to the charities in the neighborhood he represents.

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