Bring on the Libel Suit!

Bring on the Libel Suit

What a weekend, huh?

First the news media falls all over itself to bang the impeachment drum over a fake story in Buzzfeed.

Then, they close out the weekend by celebrating a drum-banging piece of crap while falling for his fake story hook, line and sinker. 

And just when you thought their reckless disregard for facts couldn’t get any worse, these same “journalists” spent the better part of the weekend slandering a teenage boy for no other reason than he wore a MAGA hat.

All based on a carefully-edited video and the word of an Indian activist.

Within hours blue-check Twitter users were lining up to encourage harassment and threats against this young man and the other kids from his school

It’s a libel suit just waiting to happen.

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday morning, Robert Barnes stepped up and offered to represent the boys pro bono.

But Maggie Haberman isn’t the only one who could face a libel suit.

First and foremost, the drum-beating liar should as well.

It’s only a shame that Twitter is immune to such lawsuits itself.  Despite the fact that it behaves like a publisher, it is legally protected against libel suits thanks to Congress.

And yet.

As the weekend progressed, the number of people slandering these boys and encouraging violence against them grew – even after the truth was revealed.

And yet Twitter has yet to suspend these accounts calling for the harassment and violence against these kids.

Like failed comedienne Kathy “Behead Trump” Griffin.

CNN’s on-air “personalities” also jumped on the “Slander these innocent kids” bandwagon.

No, Kirsten. We didn’t “automatically take the word of high school boys.”  We saw the unedited video and it proved your narrative was a lie, you shameless hack.

But of course Kirsten needs to beat the drum of “White Privilege.”

Because, reasons.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, folks!  Kirsten just knows it’s Exhibit A of White Privilege!

Boy, CNN really doesn’t know when to stop.

Sadly, CNN wasn’t alone.

Good! I’m glad they’re reaching out to Robert Barnes. Because they’ve got one hell of a libel suit here!

Between the irresponsible news outlets who peddled the tall tale to the idiot “celebrities” and blue-check fools who advocated violence against them – this is a beaut.

Hell, even those serving in Congress fell for this drum-beating charlatan’s lies.

Well, naturally, Liz would fall for a story that is 1/1024th true.

You’re off to a great start Congresswoman Haaland! The only thing heartbreaking about this is your willingness to fall for libel and join the pig pile. Cretin.

And, of course, when the chips are down and young people are lynched on social media, Alyssa Milano is there to make the noose.

I’ve said countless time that the Left pushes too hard and too far – and inevitably it backfires on them in a big, BIG way.

And I think what unfolded this weekend is a prime example of that.

Their coordinated attack and libel of innocent young men could very well be their undoing.

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4 thoughts on “Bring on the Libel Suit!

  • January 21, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    This is an orchestrated attack…combine with Mazie Hirono & Kamala Harris’ attack on the Knights of Columbus…very Alinsky (“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” ) to prevent the next SCOTUS appointment, Judge Amy Coney Barrett

  • January 21, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Ha! Where was the outrage from the militant PETA/Animal Rights activists over the gross display of animal flesh stretched tightly over the “indigenous person’s” drum?
    I mean, an innocent animal gave up his life so this man could chant unintelligible blather!
    If that had been a Trumper, you would have heard the outcry for days.
    See? It works both ways.
    I guess they pick and choose their battles carefully.

  • January 22, 2019 at 10:55 am

    It is sad to say. But true non-the-less, not everyone who serves in the military comes home a hero.

  • January 23, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    They all should be suing Nathan Phillips too.
    He lied about them.

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