Buffoon the Jobs Slayer

Buffoon the Jobs Slayer

Ugh, it killed me to make this image being that I am a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

But what choice did he leave me?

Andrew Cuomo, governor of the dying state now known as the People’s Republic of New York has done more in his tenure to destroy jobs than even Barack Hussein Obama.

And now, he’s put the final stake into the heart of what should be one of the most vibrant states in the union.

Yesterday, Buffoon the Jobs Slayer struck a blow for unemployment everywhere when he signed into law a $15.00 an hour minimum wage.

So proud was the Job-Killing Wonder, he boasted:

“By moving to a $15 statewide minimum wage and enacting the strongest paid family leave policy in the nation, New York is showing the way forward on economic justice. These policies will not only lift up the current generation of low-wage workers and their families, but ensure fairness for future generations and enable them to climb the ladder of opportunity. I am proud to sign these programs into law, because they will ensure a stronger, fairer and brighter future for all New Yorkers.”

Take that small business!!!

“Economic justice.” Dear God. What about a free market economy? Businesses aren’t charities, you dimwit. Their purpose isn’t to provide “economic justice,” but economic opportunity. But what opportunities can they provide when they can’t even afford to hire people in this miserable state?

For ten years, I worked for a landscape construction company in Central New York. If this business has to pay $15.00 to every unskilled laborer who gets hired, they will either have to raise prices on their services and therefore price themselves out of business because nobody could afford to hire them anymore, or, they’d have to cut back on the number of people they employ. Downsizing the business may keep it in business, but it will also prevent the company from growing and therefore hiring people.

Payroll is probably the single biggest weekly expenditure for businesses. If you can’t even afford your payroll, you can’t survive as a business. No company with any sense would take out loans to meet payroll. If you can’t pay your people with the money on hand, it means you are not earning enough to justify having the employees.

Raising the minimum this landscaping company pays it’s “low-wage workers” won’t result in low-wage workers being able to earn more money; it will result in fewer low wage workers having jobs. If they have to pay more for an employee, they’re going to be damn sure that employee is worth it. That pretty much leaves low-skill and no-skill workers out on their asses.

Not only that. If the landscaping company cuts back on staff, they have to cut back on how much business they can do. And if they cut back on how much business they can do, they will not be ordering as much material. And if they are ordering less, their suppliers will see a drop in sales. And since those suppliers are already hurting like hell because the minimum wage got raised to $15.00 per hour, losing business through fewer orders on top of that will force them to severely cut back or go out of business entirely.

The ripple effect throughout the landscaping industry would be catastrophic.

And that ripple effect will occur in every other industry in the state.

New York’s economy is already struggling. There are more people in the state of New York who are on public assistance than there are working taxpayers who foot the bill for public assistance. In the vernacular, the takers outnumber the makers.

Great job there, Buffoon.

Who knew “economic justice” meant taking a beautiful, vibrant state with agriculture, technology, industry and manufacturing and turning it to dust?

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2 thoughts on “Buffoon the Jobs Slayer

  • April 5, 2016 at 11:24 am

    New York, one of the highest tax states, consistently runs ads about special tax breaks and tax incentives to attract businesses. Did dumbass Cuomo ever consider lowering rates across the board? No need to answer that one.

  • April 5, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Way to put a stake through the heart of jobs!

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