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Donald Trump has cast himself in the role of the Great Defender of the Disenfranchised.

Yes, my friends. He is out there fighting the good fight — making sure your vote counts. Every Americans vote should count! He’s been blathering on about that for the last week.

Except, not so much.

Donald is telling his fans at his rallies that if you aren’t planning on voting for him, stay home. Don’t go vote on primary day.

In Watertown, New York, while strutting about on stage like Mick Jagger, the Delegate Justice Warrior said, “If you’re not going to vote for me, don’t vote. Sit home and watch television.”

Sit home on Primary Day. You know, like Donald Trump always did.

I know what you’re thinking.

But what about his concerns for the disenfranchisement of voters?!

Well, like most things Donald makes a big fat stink about, it’s a lie.

The truth is, since the most Trump can muster is about a third of the primary electorate, the only way he can manage to break above that fixed percentage is to try and discourage non-Trump voters from actually turning out to vote.

It’s the same math that resulted in our unemployment rate plummeting to about five percent. Just stop counting the people who’ve given up looking for work. You know, if everybody who didn’t have a job just stayed home and watched TV and stopped looking, our unemployment rate would be zero.

See, the problem is, when nearly two-thirds of primary voters are voting against him, the only sure-fire way to lower that number is to tell those two-thirds to stay home. That way his one-third will look like a bigger chunk of the pie.

It’s all about optics (something else he has in common with Obama).

Whether Trump thinks for a nano-second that the non-Trump voters would take his advice or not, who knows? Sure, his fans may cheer and slobber all over themselves at Trump ordering non-Trump voters to stay home. Mostly because they don’t give a rat’s behind about the franchise either. After all, these are the people who demand that Trump be handed the nomination because 37% of primary voters support him. In fact, I’m sure some of his fans would be more than happy to go that extra mile and threaten non-Trump voters into staying home.

But the people who do not, under any circumstances, want this clown anywhere near the White House are probably not going to comply. In fact, knowing that Trump expects them to stay home will probably give them one more reason to show up at the polls on Tuesday.

But see, if Trump doesn’t walk away with every single delegate New York has to offer, it will be an embarrassing failure on his part.

I have no doubt that Trump will win New York. It’s his home state for Pete’s sake. Even Howard Dean managed to secure a win in his home state of Vermont in 2004. Hell, even that loser John Kasich won Ohio. If a candidate for President can’t win his home state, it’s not just disappointing; it’s downright pathetic.

But the only way New York State is “winner-take-all” is if the winner manages to get more than 50% in every congressional district.

And that isn’t looking good for Donald. While he is well above 50% in Manhattan, upstate is not certain. Currently, Trump is polling over 50% in only 11 of the 27 New York Districts. Couple that with the fact that Trump often does about 5-7% worse in actual voting than he does in polling, and “winner-take-all” for New York is hardly a lock.

The more non-Trump voters flock to the polls, the more likely it is that Trump will not leave New York with all 95 delegates.

So what better way to make sure his 37% support across the board translates into “winner take all” than to hope the non-Trump voters don’t turn up on Tuesday?

Or, to use Trumpian logic on Captain Tiny Digits, by telling non-Trump voters to stay home on Tuesday, Donald hopes to rig the process in his favor.

But something tells me New York’s non-Trump voters can’t wait to head out on Tuesday and do their part to muck up the Tangerine Tyrant’s plans.

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