But of course

I love it when Democrats get bitten in the ass by their own behavior.

It’s a textbook example of Schadenfreude.

I don’t know about you, but I’m old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan nominated Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. The Democrats — especially Ted Kennedy — behaved abominably. Bork was nominated, but never confirmed. And, lest we forget the despicable way Clarence Thomas was treated by those racist assholes in the Democrat Party. They have a long and storied history of being absolute pricks to judges nominated by a Republican President.

As has been pointed out on a myriad of websites this past week, Chuck Schumer famously demanded that none of George W. Bush’s nominees be confirmed in the final 18 months of his presidency.

Actually, the woman who is out there howling like an injured spaniel over the Republicans in the Senate saying they would not confirm a radical Obama appointee to the Supreme Court voted to filibuster Samuel Alito.

Yet this was her sanctimonious response just the other day:

You know what the Senate’s duty is, Hillary? To give “advice and consent.” They don’t have to consent. In fact, refusing to consent is part of their duty within a system of “checks and balances.”

Am I throwing terms at you that you don’t understand, Hillary? Sorry. I don’t mean to use phrases from the Constitution. I’m sure those terms are as confounding to you as the word “classified.”

And, yes, my friends. It is coming back to bite them in the ass.

But no one more so that President Barack Hussein Obama who, as a Freshman Senator, joined in the filibuster of Samuel Alito.

Now, Barack “I’m Never Wrong” Obama is expressing “regret” for having filibustered Alito.

But of course he is.

Because it’s coming back to bite him in his skinny ass.

Eat your words, Barry.

Get a knife and fork, and eat your freaking words.

But of course

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One thought on “But of course

  • February 18, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    You Know What Dianny? I am enjoying your sharp cynical wit, and sarcastic humor more and more each and every day. You are spot-on so many times. Dang Girl, you sure do somwe outstanding work here. These words could be counted as a heap of praise or a curse, especially coming from the likes of me.

    I read that El pResidente “Lil Bath-House Barrry the Horrible” is going to Cuba in March. Probably to get some advise on how to take over a Nation and become a totalitarian DICK-traitor from his idol Fidel Arf, Arf, Castro. I am thinking that this could be like a perfect time to DITCH HIS SORRY A$$. Maybe while he is in one of those Commie Advanced Turd Polishing Classes the Cuban Commies are so good at. Perhaps Barry and ole Michael Moore can be roomies or some crap.

    Thanks for the GREAT POSTS.

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