Buyer’s Remorse

With Bernie Sanders blowing out Hillary in Oregon and barely losing to her in Kentucky, I’m guessing that right about now the Democrat Party is experiencing a wee bit of buyer’s remorse. This roaring race car the DNC thought would zoom to easy victory in 2016 is looking like an electoral deathtrap just waiting to explode.

Buyers Remorse

And unless they’re willing to do something drastic, these guys are stuck with this Lemon. But doing something drastic could well leave the DNC with one seriously pissed off Hillary. Heaven only knows what she would do if they turn on her now.

Last year, in my column Dance with the one that brung ya, I wrote:

The Democrats have a serious problem on their hands.
They went all-in for Hillary Clinton very early on.
Hell, she technically hasn’t even officially declared her candidacy yet, but no matter. The Democrats threw their support behind her more than a year ago.
Those of us who reside on Planet Earth knew if the Democrat Party pushed Hillary, they would regret it.
And, like a guy who woke up hung over with a skanky woman in his bed, the Democrats are awakening to the realization they’ve backed the wrong horse.
I’m sure big money donors and party officials alike are scouring the earth to find someone, anyone to run against Hillary.
Well, at least someone who takes a more serious position than switching to the metric system or limiting deodorant choices.
But I wonder if it might be too late.
As the old saying goes, you gotta dance with the one that brung ya.
As terrible a candidate as Hillary Clinton is, the Dems may be stuck with her.
Sure, she may suck as a campaigner, but she is an expert at vengeance.
If the Democrat Party bails on her a second time, I don’t think she’ll go gently into that good night.
My guess is Hillary will bow out of this unholy union about as gracefully as Glenn Close’s character from “Fatal Attraction.”
Dance with the one that brung ya
Sorry, Democrats. But sometimes ya gotta dance with the one that brung ya.
And Hillary Clinton believes she is the one that brung ya.
The Democrats paid a steep price for unceremoniously dropping Hillary like a hot rock in 2008. They lost control of the House and Senate. They’ve seen a mass exodus from the Democrat Party from typically strong demographics — particularly working class whites and Independents.
Their decision to dump Hillary in favor of the young, unknown caramel-colored matinee idol (as Ann Coulter once called him) seemed like a swell idea at the time, but the long-term damage to the party may take years to assess.
If they bail on Hillary a second time, the damage will come from Hillary herself.
Like Obama, Hillary has no party loyalty. All she cares about is her own power and career. And if the Democrats leave her standing like a wallflower in order to woo a new candidate into dancing with them, she will turn on them like a rabid dog.
Burning bridges behind her is Hillary’s primary mode of transportation.

Despite being considered the “presumptive nominee,” Hillary is losing states like an also-ran. That’s how bad a candidate she is. In 2008, she won Kentucky over Obama by 35.6% (65.5% to Obama’s 29.9%). And now, Kentucky is such a squeaker, with 99% of the votes tallied, Hillary holds a 0.5% lead over the Socialist Bernie Sanders.

My how the mighty have fallen.

Trump may be blindingly lacking in self-awareness when he tweeted out:

But there is some truth is his question. Forget China, Russia or ISIS. If Hillary can’t put Bernie Sanders in her review, how the hell can she leave Trump in the dust?

Sanders is a crotchety, bellowing Communist with zero comprehension of how an economy works, where money comes from, or how to deal with America’s enemies. His delusional “policies” are so idiotic any smart candidate could have dispatched his sorry ass months ago.

But to this day, he continues to pull one upset win after another against the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua. The last polling of Oregon had Hillary soundly ahead of Bernie, but last night, he skunked her by nearly nine points.

If she can’t close the deal on what was effectively a coronation, how the hell is she going to defeat the Teflon Don in November?

If you don’t believe there are some within the DNC who are kicking themselves for putting all their money and time behind a Lemon like Hillary, think again. Oh, sure, there are the Crabby Contingent of Crones that are hell-bent on “making herstory” and dragging the First Woman President over the finish line. They will never wake up and smell the burning carcass of the Clinton Campaign. But I can guarantee that Democrat big-money donors and faithful segments of the Democrat Party — including the Unions and Wall Street — are suffering a severe case of buyer’s remorse.

The Republican Primary voters handed the DNC the one candidate even a half-dead marmoset could have defeated in the General Election, but Hillary is far from a lock for victory.

Yesterday’s primaries probably won’t prevent Hillary from securing her party’s nomination. Most polls have her far and away ahead of Sanders in New Jersey and delegate-rich California. She is currently less than 100 delegates away from the nomination thanks to a hefty portion of unelected Super Delegates. Losing every state but New Jersey and California would still get her the nomination.

But come on. Hillary was supposed to be the Chosen One. She was supposed to slide through this primary season like a greased pig.

The fact that voters are still handing Sanders victories should terrify the Democrats.

Sure, all the media wants to talk about is the division in the Republican Party. But the DNC isn’t exactly a unified front here.

For Hillary, it isn’t enough to turn her sights on destroying Trump. She also has to find a way to appeal to those millions of Bernie voters who simply do not want this corrupt, venal harridan as their candidate.

19% of those who voted in 2012 were between the ages of 18-29. Of these “Millennials,” Obama won 60% — 23% more than Mitt Romney. Young people were fired up and excited to vote for Obama. But Hillary? Not so much. Something tells me these voters who are going overwhelmingly for Sanders will be hard-pressed to even turn up on election day.

Trump does very poorly among this age group, it’s true. This should be a boon for the Democrats. And yet. Hillary is so detested by the so-called “Millennial” voters if they refuse to even vote in November, Trump’s lack of support among them will be irrelevant.

The bottom line is this. What should have been an early Christmas present to the DNC — a Trump nomination — may not be enough to drag Hillary’s miserable carcass over the finish line.

Just like the DNC was caught flat-footed when it came to the wild popularity of a curmudgeonly old Socialist, they could very well be blindsided by Donald Trump. And they really shouldn’t have been.

So what are they willing to do? Will the DNC suck it up and stick by their Lemon knowing they are risking the White House? Or will they risk the wrath of Clinton by jettisoning her for someone else? I guess it depends on which they fear most.

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3 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

  • May 18, 2016 at 10:59 am

    The term “Coyote Ugly” comes to mind. That ‘s when you wake up with your arm around something so frigging ugly, that you quietly gnaw your arm off to get away before it wakes up.

    Hitlery is definately Coyote Ugly as a candidate. Come to think about it, so is tRumpf. We are definately trapped, there seems to be no escape. Our fate is sealed. This nation will reep what it has sowed.

    The poor bastards have us surrounded, …again.

  • May 19, 2016 at 11:57 am

    OTOH….what if DNC strikes a deal with 0/valjar/lynch to go ahead and throw a truckload of indictments at shrill? Some Rhodes-like storyteller will chuck chum at the doe-eyed media stating how bad shrill is and anything shrill tries to throw back will just be sour grapes. Even if shrill leaks some skullduggery on the The 0 cabal it could still be ignored or spun away. The media is a useful tool for this stuff, and sides with the lefty who pulls the most levers.

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