She can only do so much pandering


While pandering to a group run by Trayvon Martin’s mother, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that, unlike Donald Trump, she would not pander to the gun lobby.

Well, of course she won’t. She’s just one person! She can only pander to so many people, you know.

And if you’re busy pandering to the anti-gun lobby, it is difficult even for someone as duplicitous and opportunistic as Hillary to pander to the gun lobby at the same time.

Of course, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is a two-fer. Not only does she get to pander to a group that wants to limit gun ownership, but she gets to pander to black people too. And pandering to black people is vital to Hillary’s electoral chances.

Of course, that means having to hug a black person in front of other people, but Hillary’s willing to do that if it helps get her into the White House.

Let’s be blunt here. If Hillary thought her electoral chances hinged on gaining the support of gun owners, she would pander to the gun lobby without a moment’s hesitation. She’d turn up at the NRA convention dressed like Annie Oakley brandishing a shotgun and shouting, “Yahooooo!!” right before she hugged Wayne LaPierre.

Why do you think the Clinton Campaign spends so much money on polling? Hillary has to find out what people want to hear so that she can tailor her campaign accordingly.

Trust me on this one. If Bernie Sanders sank like a lead balloon last year and Centrist Democrat Jim Webb had taken off like a rocket ship, Hillary would have pivoted to the center so fast she would have suffered another concussion. We would have gotten photo ops of Hillary at the gun range, Hillary surrounded by wounded vets, Hillary in a coal miner’s hat.

Instead, we have Hillary pretending to care about the little people and minorities while haranguing against the big banks and Wall Street — which, for someone who got fat and wealthy off of speaking fees from big banks and Wall Street, is all manner of hilarious.

Hillary’s entire campaign strategy is to stick her finger in the wind, then scurry after issues hollering, “Me too!!!”

But she accuses Trump is pandering.

I keep telling you that every attack Hillary launches on Trump is going to backfire on her. Is Trump pandering to “the gun lobby?” Strictly speaking, yes. Anybody who says, “Nobody is a bigger supporter of the Second Amendment than me” after praising Obama’s anti-gun exploitative speech in Newtown Connecticut is pandering. Let’s be honest.

But Hillary Clinton is the last person on Planet Earth who should accuse someone of pandering.

Accusations of pandering only carry weight if they are being made by somebody who rarely if ever panders to anyone. And Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Pandering.

Does Hillary Clinton really give a crap about mothers who lost children to “gun violence?”

Of course she doesn’t.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. She cares insofar as caring garners her support and votes. If polling showed that mothers who lost children to “gun violence” wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you put a gun to their heads, she’d drop them like a hot rock.

Pandering is Hillary’s primary form of campaigning. You don’t use a faux black accent when addressing a black audience if you’re being genuine. You think Hillary’s granddaughter Charlotte really calls her Abuela? Of course not. But she needs to garner the Latino vote, so suddenly, she’s Abuela.

For Hillary Clinton to slam Trump for pandering to the gun lobby isn’t just hypocritical, it’s exceedingly embarrassing.

It’s like when I was a kid and during grace before dinner, I told my Mom, “Mark didn’t close his eyes when we prayed!” My Mom said, “How would you know that unless you didn’t close your eyes when we prayed?”


Every attack Hillary has launched on Trump over the last week bounced off of him and hit her square between the eyes.

But she won’t stop. Because she can’t stop. She has no choice. Hillary can’t run on the strength of her character because she has none. She can’t run on her competence and success because she is neither competent nor successful. She can’t run on her honesty and virtue because, well, come on.

And she certainly can’t run on her solid, principled positions because every position she espouses has only been adopted after careful poll-testing indicates that taking that position will garner her votes.

As weak a candidate for President as Donald Trump may be, the truth is, for Hillary Clinton, he is, without question, her Kryptonite. No matter what attack she uses, no matter which tactic she tries, all she’ll manage to do is expose her own pathetic weakness and duplicity.

Hat tip CNN.

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  • May 23, 2016 at 1:32 am

    “The Trayvon Martin Foundation”? Do they give scholarships to up and coming hoodlums, burglars and drug abusers? A criminal mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  • May 23, 2016 at 11:57 am

    she ain’t feeling no ways tired

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