Can the White House subpoena Jim Acosta’s diary?

So, did you hear?

CNN and Jim Acosta are suing the White House to get little Jimmy’s hard pass restored.

When I heard that I laughed myself silly.

What a ridiculous lawsuit.

If not having a hard pass to the White House violates the First Amendment protection to a Free Press, then why doesn’t every journalist in America possess one?

In fact, why require them at all?

CNN’s press freedom isn’t at risk.

As the White House points out in their statement on this stupid lawsuit, CNN has nearly fifty other hard pass holders besides Jim Acosta.

They not fighting for Freedom of the Press; they’re fighting for their dwindling ratings. To CNN, Jim Acosta’s staged grandstanding makes for good TV.

If the White House has the authority to issue a hard pass, then it seems perfectly reasonable that they also have the authority to revoke it.

So what the hell is CNN trying to do other than grandstand?

But for some reason, CNN and Jim Acosta think beating this dead horse is a ratings winner for them.

But outside of their ever-shrinking audience – not counting those held captive in waiting rooms and airports across the country – does anybody give a crap about Jim Acosta having a hard pass to the White House?

I think not.

CNN sues White House

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