Candace Owens: Defying the Hive

Candace Owens

I started watching Candace Owens’ videos back when she went by “Red Pill Black.”

She’s sharp, witty and wields her honest commentary like a finely honed sword.

And she is a threat to the Leftist Hive.


Because Candace Owens is a young black woman who thinks for herself.

The Left requires all those who fit into preferred Identity Groups to remain a part of the Hive.

And when anyone defies the Hive, they must be destroyed.

The other day, as many of you already know, rapper and music producer Kanye West had this to say about Candace Owens:

And the Hive immediately swarmed down – not only on Kanye, but on Candace.

And three hours later, Will got his answer.

“Far Right.”

Let me translate that into English: “Young black woman who defies the Hive.”

Actually, Candace’s clarification is better:

Candace Owens is a threat to the Hive. It’s as simple as that.

Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying that the Left always tells you whom they fear by whom they attack.

And the greatest fear on the Left is that those they treat like members of a Hive jettison the hive-mentality and fly off on their own.

So to prevent that from happening, the Left must destroy Candace.

Oddly enough, the folks leading the charge to destroy Candace for not being authentically black are … wait for it … white people.

Perez objects to Candace’s video on White Guilt.

Yes, Perez. I can see why you’re upset.

Candace isn’t flying formation with the Hive.

But what Perez didn’t consider is by posting a video by Candace Owens, he is exposing members of the Hive to what she has to say.

All that short-sighted thinking is so self-destructive.

It’s the same short-sighted thinking that afflicted Shawn “Talcum X” King by posting that other video.

Oh, and here’s the video Talcum X shared with his swarm.

Thanks in large part to these idiots who want to destroy Candace, hundreds of thousands of people who might otherwise not have seen this video now have.

In fact, as I write this, the total number of views stands at 1.09 million. That’s MILLION!

Thanks, Leftists!

The only people the Hive controls are part of the Hive.

And Candace defied the Hive.

You can’t destroy someone you haven’t propped up to begin with.

The Left doesn’t understand that. And as a result, it just can’t stop shooting itself in the foot.

Going after Candace by exposing hundreds of thousands of people to her message isn’t going to destroy her, geniuses. But it just might make others follow Candace’s example and defy the Hive.

Don’t you just love the theory of unintended consequences?

And, for an added bonus, here’s one of my favorite videos from Candace Owens.


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5 thoughts on “Candace Owens: Defying the Hive

  • April 22, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Who, or what is a Shaun King?

  • April 23, 2018 at 1:01 am

    The woman nailed it in her video. loved it,

  • April 23, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Examine the business model of internet journalism, the social media that begins by eliciting contributions and active participation. It represents and promotes itself as a free and open, interactive, spontaneous exchange. The reality is quite different actually. In fact, submissions are covertly and routinely manipulated, selectively removed and in effect, systematically censored. Such particular publications as “The HIll,” or “Brietbart” and even the alternative news aggregation, “,” which carries their click bait stories closely control the comments and posts submitted. Here’s an example of how it works.

    The Hill runs a fake and vacuous story of very short length and even less news worthy content, which is nonetheless riddled with inaccurate, misleading and false statements even while claiming to be factual. Attach the click bait headline and the same sneaky editor writes the provocative and incendiary first comment to lure posts from conservative readers and otherwise normal people of average intelligence. There’s the standard, social media formula in regular, daily use. Consumers and participants are seen as chumps to be exploited by such publications in service to their business.model.

    Responding posts are, after all what the business model is predicated upon. Citizen participation is what they sell and even so, responses are often manipulated by positioning them lower and not infrequently by removing the posts altogether. And all this is done as soon as you leave the page. Most people never return after leaving the page so they aren’t aware their comments and posts have been censored. The readership certainly isn’t aware of those posts they were never allowed to see in the first place.

    Welcome to participatory internet journalism, still another unprincipled publishing platform deployed primarily to produce revenue streams and with no higher dedication, or purpose whatsoever. As for monetizing click bait responses, it does well enough as a business model. If you add any journalistic expectations, or any concepts such as a free market place of ideas and, well, not so much.

    So no, and please do know, this interactive modality is neither a fair game, nor a square house and in this particular instance shame on for knowingly showcasing such trash and manipulated releases, fake stories, and sordid, pseudo journalism.

    While it’s hardly reasonable to blame such a publication as “The Hill” for using such tactics, it’s well and all for the better for the rest of us not to confuse, or conflate barnyard scum with the cream either. As for Brietbart and the editors responsible, it’s simply reprehensible. Once their readership figures it out, their business model bottom line will begin to reflect the distaste and disfavor of their readership.

  • April 23, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    If anyone here is not following Candace on Twitter, you’re missing some serious and enlightening information from a unique perspective.

  • April 25, 2018 at 8:58 pm

    I’ve been following her for quite awhile because her tweets are so spot on. Had no idea she was so great on YouTube as well. ??? her even more now!

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