Caught by surprise

Isn’t the entire purpose of having military and intelligence services to avoid being caught by surprise when our enemies do something?

Have I got that wrong?

I mean, I know that the CIA is busy recruiting non-binary vegans with anxiety disorders who can find a home in the Central Intelligence Agency where their quirky eccentricities and gross emotional problems can be validated. But shouldn’t the CIA also be, you know, keeping tabs on what our enemies are up to?

We should never ever read something like this:

Caught by Surprise

China does something like this and our military and intelligence officials are caught by surprise?


Sweet, merciful Zeus.

I know what you’re thinking. Surely if China has hypersonic missiles, we do too, right?

Well, they’re working on them. But according to Reuters, the Pentagon thinks they’re too expensive so they want defense contractors to find a way to cut the cost.

Russia tested its first hypersonic missile in July. Then China tested theirs in August — catching us completely by surprise.

Meanwhile, here in the US, the Pentagon is haggling over the cost of hypersonic missiles while rooting out the “Non-Woke” from its ranks, threatening to discharge any service member who won’t take the COVID vaccine, and focusing on “inclusion,” “equity,” and “Climate Change.”

The other day, after one of our military officials tweeted about her French manicure, Jesse Kelly summed up the situation perfectly.

JK Tweet-01 Caught by Surprise

Yes, perhaps it makes sense that our military was caught by surprise.

This Major General was none too happy with the responses to her tweet. She got all huffy and, like any good Major General in the US Armed Services, decided to “clap-back” on Twitter.

Caught by Surprise

China has hypersonic missiles, and we have hysterics with French manicures prattling on about Girl Power.

But let’s not pick on Major General French Manicure. She’s just one person.

The rot in our military and intelligence community goes deep.

Remember back in March when Tucker Carlson torched the Pentagon for its focus on “equity,” “inclusion” and maternity flight suits rather than military-readiness?

My, but the brass was upset. And in an effort to inadvertently prove Tucker right, military officials took to Twitter to “well-I-never” over Tucker’s comments. These idiots had harsher words for a cable news host than they do for China.

There’s a reason I called them “Pussies in Uniform.”

Naturally, Tucker addressed the thin-skinned military’s hysterics on his show a few days later.

”Here’s a reminder: the U.S. military exists to fight and win wars. That is its only purpose. The U.S. military is not an NGO. It is not a vehicle for achieving equity. It is not a social experiment.”

And while the entire US Military clutched its pearls over Tucker Carlson’s warning about China, China was developing a hypersonic missile.

Is it any wonder that military officials were caught by surprise over this? These are the same people who were caught by surprise when the Taliban bulldozed over the Afghan security forces and took over Kabul.

While America’s enemies churn out recruitment ads like this:

The US Army gives us recruitment ads like this:

The Army isn’t the only one trying to recruit people using identity politics.

Remember when the CIA started releasing it’s own “Woke” recruitment ads?

Golly. Why were these guys caught by surprise over China testing a hypersonic nuclear missile?

Everything Tucker said about the Woke Military back in March has withstood the test of time, hasn’t it?

On the one hand, it’s laughable.

On the other hand, it is deeply worrying.

When corporations “Get Woke,” they “Go Broke.”

But this is what happens when the US military and intelligence community “Get Woke.” They get caught completely by surprise when China surpasses the United States in missile technology.

As Jesse Kelly often points out, there is not one single institution in this country the Communists won’t infect and destroy. And what they’ve done to the institutions that exist solely to protect this country from our enemies has left us vulnerable and unprepared.

They went “Woke,” and now they’re asleep at the switch.

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6 thoughts on “Caught by surprise

  • October 17, 2021 at 10:15 am

    you’re looking at this all wrong. WE are the threat the “elites” are worried about; not china. china is dc’s master and the rest of us buy their crap. china is just reminding them who’s in charge around here, so that when they decide to “reunify” taiwan, dc will remember to stay in their place.

  • October 17, 2021 at 11:31 pm

    Don’t worry, when China takes over Don Lemon and the entire MSM will assure us that it’s a good thing.

  • October 17, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    Good article.

  • October 18, 2021 at 12:03 am

    Leftists want Chaos, Collapse, and death. They are EVIL. I’m a veteran and can say that all “officers” above O-5 are politicians first and soldiers a distant second. They are all waiting around for big pensions and jobs with defense contractors. They embarrass the men and women who have served this Country. Shame on them.

  • October 18, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    Saw that on Jesse Kelly’s twitter feed, too. As a veteran, I say THANK YOU for writing about this so perhaps more people will see that our military has become the sad laughingstock of the entire world. I’m so disappointed at our country’s “leaders” at every level.

  • October 20, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    Let’s hope Afghanistan bankrupts China.

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