Celebrate World Refugee Day!

Say, did you know today is World Refugee Day?


Actually, I prefer the name World Jihad by Emigration Day, but I guess the UN disagrees.

In honor of World Refugee Day, let’s travel to Idaho, where three young Muslim refugees dragged a five year-old-girl into the laundry room of the Fawnbrook apartment complex, tore her clothes off, raped her and urinated on her.

Says the Secretary of Health and Human Services:

Yup. Nothing more positive for communities around the country than child rape!

Speaking of positive differences, Breitbart reported yesterday that six diseases previously eradicated from the United States are back!

Yippy Skippy!!!

So, in honor of World Jihad by Emigration Day World Refugee Day, let’s give a warm welcome back to Tuberculosis, Measles, Whooping Cough, Mumps, Scarlet Fever and the always popular Bubonic Plague!

Maybe it’s me, but I would expect the Secretary of freaking Health and Human Services to be a little less effusive about the return of these diseases to our shores.

Hey, they’re bringing child rape to our shores, and terrorism to our shores, so why not?

Of course, Breitbart also reported the other day that Barack Obama is on course to bring one million refugees to the states during his two terms as President.

What a guy!

Speaking of Barack. No United Nation’s agenda-driven day would be complete without Obama joining in the celebration. In his 446-word statement on World Jihad by Emigration Day World Refugee Day, Obama said, among other things, this:

Protecting and assisting refugees is a part of our history as a Nation, and we will continue to alleviate the suffering of refugees abroad, and to welcome them here at home, because doing so reflects our American values and our noblest traditions as a Nation, enriches our society, and strengthens our collective security.

Ah, yes. “Our values.” Of course.

Actually, if anybody in the White House had even a modicum of intellectual honesty, that profoundly long sentence would have read:

Protecting and assisting refugees, even if it threatens the safety, health and security of our citizens, isn’t a part of our history as a Nation, but let’s pretend it is. We’ll treat refugees better than we treat our veterans! That’s how much we like them. In fact, we like them so much, we’ve been making more and more of them by pulling out of Iraq and destabilizing the Middle East and letting ISIS flourish. And we will continue to alleviate the suffering of refugees abroad by welcoming them all here. Well, not all. The Christians who are facing genocide can go pound sand. Because doing so reflects my values and, let’s pretend, our noblest traditions as a Nation. It enriches our society both by bringing diseases we thought were extinct back with a vengeance and exposing our soft targets to acts of terror. And strengthens our collective security. Hahaha! Just kidding. It doesn’t strengthen our collective security at all, but it does wonders for little girls living in Idaho!

You know who is really stoked about World Jihad by Emigration Day World Refugee Day?


Yes sir. They can’t wait to line up and use the refugee system to infiltrate the United States the same way they have in Europe.

The Treasonous Emperor Strikes Back

Can tomorrow be “Terrorist and Rapist Refugees Can Kiss My Ass Day?”

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  • June 20, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Hell yeah, you have my vote. Let it be so, especially the kiss my A$$. Can we just call it “Obama can kiss my a$$ day” for short? Or “Liberals can kiss my a$$ day”? How about the “friggin U.N. can kiss my a$$ day!”

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