Charlie Gard and the Cheering Democrats

Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard has died.

But not at home where his parents wanted him.

No. A judge decided Charlie would die at a hospice.

Because when the government controls healthcare, you are no longer permitted to make decisions for yourself or your family.

When the government controls healthcare, your children don’t belong to you.

Ironic isn’t it?

Less than twelve hours after the Obamacare repeal died in the Senate, Charlie Gard died in a hospice.

And how did the Democrats react to death of repeal?

They cheered.

They celebrated.

After all, the law they forced on us against our will is still in place.

Sure, they know it will collapse under its own weight.

But that was the plan all along.

All of you who have watched your premiums and deductibles skyrocket. You don’t matter to them.

In order to bring the same kind of healthcare system that killed Charlie Gard here to the states, there have to be casualties.

And all of you are just that – casualties. You’re an acceptable loss on the road to British-style Single Payer.

Because all that matters to Democrats is keeping healthcare in the hands of the government.

Sure, John McCain and those two wretched hags betrayed you.

But the Democrat Party long ago abandoned you.

Much the same way Britain’s horrid healthcare system abandoned Charlie Gard.

While you struggle under the weight of monthly premiums that outstrip the cost of your car payment or your mortgage, the Democrats cheered.

As you get thrown off one plan and forced into another you can barely afford, the Democrats cheered.

Because you never mattered.

Neither did Charlie.

This is what they want, you see.

They want to destroy the private insurance market. They want to make it unsustainable.

And to hell with you.

Just like with Charlie’s parents, your wishes, your demands, your needs – none of that matters.

You’re nothing to them but ATMs – the cash-strapped financial backers for their unsustainable welfare state.

It takes a deeply cruel and heartless person to cheer in the face of so much financial misery and desperation.

But that’s the Democrat Party.

Your healthcare choices are irrelevant.

Your children don’t belong to you.

And your money isn’t yours.

So long as Democrats get what they want, you can go straight to hell.

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One thought on “Charlie Gard and the Cheering Democrats

  • July 28, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with all the you’ve written. This is a heart-wounding reality, and until what someone has called the “sheeple” of this nation leave their pens, stand up, and reject such God-less agendas, more of the same will continue.

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