Charlie Sykes is kind of a douche

Charlie Sykes is kind of a douche

Imagine this.  Never Trumper Charlie Sykes gets a write-up in The Atlantic about his new website that he started with Bill Kristol.  It’s the best publicity and promotion imaginable.

Here is Charlie’s chance to make the case for his sanctimonious site with the slogan “Conservatism Conserved” by laying out his vaunted “principles” of conservatism that he so longs to conserve.

And what do we get instead?

We get peek into what an enormous douche Charlie Sykes is.

I wasn’t going to read the article in The Atlantic. But after seeing so many people dragging Charlie Sykes over it, I decided to check it out.

The headline alone gives you a pretty good hint at what Charlie Sykes’ true mission with The Bulwark is: “Naming and Shaming the pro-Trump Elite.” 

For its project to work, it doesn’t need the massive reach of a Fox News or a Rush Limbaugh—it just needs to make D.C. dinner parties and greenroom visits uncomfortable for the Trumpist elite.

Great plan, Charlie!  Because when I hear “Conservatism conserved,” I think “Hey, guys, let’s name and shame those Trump supporters who rejected our brand of insufferable loserism by making them uncomfortable at dinner parties and green rooms!”

What a complete and utter douche.

Now, to be able to make this “Trumpist elite” uncomfortable, one would need to be highly influential.

Does that sound like Charlie Sykes to you?

Charlie is more like the nerdy teacher’s pet who tattles on everyone, but secretly hates the fact that he never gets to sit at the cool kids’ lunch table.

What I find so ironic about this article is it exposes the fact that Charlie Sykes has become the very thing he despises.

In the site’s founding manifesto, Sykes wrote that The Bulwark would stand in defiant opposition to President Trump, and “push back against the moral and intellectual corruption that now poses an existential threat to conservatism as a viable political force.”

“push back against the moral and intellectual corruption.”


And how does Charlie plan to do that?

But The Bulwark is pursuing a different kind of relevance. Rather than crafting coverage that aims to turn rank-and-file Trump voters against the president—an effort that would almost certainly fail—it wants to shame and stigmatize the “bad actors” in the conservative elite, as Sykes puts it.

Scroll through the home page on any given day, and you’ll find one lively polemic after another calling out Trump-friendly politicos by name—often in witheringly personal terms.

“Shame and stigmatize.”

“Often in withering personal terms.”

So, to “push back against the moral and intellectual corruption,” Charlie and his shipmates at the Bulwark have become morally and intellectually corrupt.

They’re not making the case to conserve Conservatism; instead, they’re indulging in petty sniping, name-calling and blacklisting.

Soooooo conservative!!!

But wait!  There’s more from this condescending douche.

Sykes admits that some of these early targets have constituted “low-hanging fruit.” But in the coming months, he tells me, The Bulwark will home in on a specific class of “grifters and trolls”—those opportunistic Trump enablers who still get invited on Meet the Press and write for prestigious newspapers. To Sykes, these are the true sellouts, and he wants to ensure that their public flirtations with Trumpism leave a stench on them.

Conservatism conserved!!!

Not since “Democracy Dies in Darkness” has there been a tag line so tone-deaf and hypocritical.

Frankly, I’m surprised Sykes and Kristol didn’t just name this latest Never Trump site “Our Enemies List.”

And then there’s this startling admission:

One thing The Bulwark doesn’t have is a coherent vision for what conservatism should look like after Trump.

Well, of course it doesn’t.

If the whole point of the site is to attack and “stigmatize” others, it’s hard to pursue anything remotely close to “conservatism.”

Julie Kelly retweeted this thread. And having now read the piece, I can tell you, Hammerjack hits the nail on the head:

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4 thoughts on “Charlie Sykes is kind of a douche

  • February 22, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    “Gosh, maybe if we’re mean to the Trumpers, the Marxist elite will finally like us!!”

  • February 22, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    The “moral and intellectual corruption that now poses an existential threat to conservatism” is alive and well in the Vermont legislature. Recent abortion decisions by the Democrat majority – like Sykes – have earned themselves a mental enema.

  • February 23, 2019 at 5:01 am

    Yikes! Sykes well characterized. For how many years did I put up with that mousy-douche?

    Trump 2020 vision for the future. Make America Great Again

  • February 23, 2019 at 6:27 am

    Who is Charlie Sykes ?

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