Cheater Cheater Booger Eater

Last night I saw a tweet that is a visual example of what a cheater Elizabeth Warren is.

Take a look:

Cheater tweet

For clarity, I’ve dutifully taken the images @BecketAdams tweeted out and placed them side-by-side:

Cheater Liz copies from Gillibrand

Good grief, Liz.  If you’re going to be a big, fat cheater, you could at least change up the wording a skosh to make it less obvious.

Cheater Liz copies from Hillary

I like @BecketAdams’ description here.

It’s perfect. Cheater Liz is most definitely picking off the wreckage of failed campaigns like a scavenger.

Look, most campaigns will use similar playbooks from other campaigns. But this is something entirely different.

Cheater Liz goes beyond using the same campaign playbook. I mean, for Pete’s sake. She’s lifting platitudes word-for-word and recycling them for her campaign. That’s flat-out lazy.

“Whelp.  Kirsten won’t be needing this line anymore.  So I’m gonna take it.”

What a cheater.

She cribs off Hillary, Gillibrand.  What’s next?

But if you’re going to steal from other candidates, doesn’t it make more sense to copy the work of winners? Why would you steal from the ones who failed to make the cut?

That’s like cheating off the kid who never gets better than a D-minus on tests.

Cheater Cheater Booger Eater

Now, to be fair, Cheater Liz is also drafting off of Bernie Sanders.  So, clearly she is willing to crib off anyone in the Democrat primary, not just the also-rans.

How long before she starts lecturing Christians like Pastor Pete?

Will Warren get an unexpected eye bleed at the next debate?

Now you understand why I say Cheater Liz has an Authenticity Deficit.

Obama had composite girlfriends; Liz Warren has a composite campaign.

I imagine when her team heard the news that Cory Booker dropped out they immediately started combing through his tweets for really good lines Liz could pass off as her own.

Frankly I’m stunned that Elizabeth Warren is polling as well as she is given that she’s such unoriginal phony.

But inflated polling is what happens when the news media is on your side.

Without the heavy assist she’s getting from them, this inauthentic, cheater would have dropped out last summer.

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3 thoughts on “Cheater Cheater Booger Eater

  • January 18, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    Liz is authentic for a 14 year old sniveling brat.
    Nancy just said the president is”infinity doodoo head”and that’s forever!

    Miserable children.

  • January 18, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    You know how sometimes we say, “Oh, I hate her!” and roll your eyes? You don’t really hate the person, they’re just annoying you, etc.

    Liz, Mich, and Hillary. I actually hate them. No eye roll, no sighs, no hand wave, no giggles.
    It’s a rare thing for me to feel that way about people, but I honestly do hate them.

    There. I said it.

  • January 19, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    I laughed so hard at “That’s like cheating off the kid who never gets better than a D-minus on tests.” I’m a retired High School math teacher, and the last few years I taught, I stopped even trying to stop the kids from cheating on tests….they ALWAYS copied from someone that knew less than they did. The kids that actually knew what they were doing didn’t cheat, and wouldn’t let people copy from them.

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