Chicago Lite

Chicago isn’t the only city that saw an increase in homicides last year.

2016 was the deadliest year in history for my little city of Syracuse.

This comes on the heels of 2015 which was the deadliest year in Syracuse’s history until 2016 came along.

Now, granted, compared to Chicago, Syracuse is penny ante. We had twenty-six homicides last year.

So, to be fair, we’re more Chicago Lite.

But if our mayor — the wretched Stephanie Miner – gets her way, 2017 will leave both 2015 and 2016 in the dust.

Yesterday, the minor mayor had her “State of the City” address.

And from her prattling bit of nonsense, apparently having only 26 homicides isn’t good enough for Steph.

Not when she’s doing her level best to make Syracuse Chicago Lite.

So what better way to become Chicago Lite than to make Syracuse a Sanctuary City?

The minor mayor claims that the best way to reaffirm Syracuse’s commitment to being “tolerant, welcoming, and inclusive” is by not cooperating with Federal immigration officials.

Because, of course, to Stephanie way of thinking, the only “immigrants” are illegal aliens.

The irony is Stephanie also claimed she wants to enact tougher crime-fighting measures.

Here’s an idea, Steph, you dumbass: If you want to reduce crime, enforce immigration laws.

Because with illegal aliens comes an increase in gangs, drugs and crime.

Just look at Chicago.

Honestly. I really despise this woman.

In her tenure as mayor, Syracuse has seen an astronomical increase in poverty – often centered in areas of the city where illegals and supposed “refugees” are living.

What a coinkidink.

There is a price for Stephanie’s desire to be “inclusive and welcoming.”

It’s driving down the standard of living in the city she is supposed to lead.

It is increasing poverty.

And it is increasing crime.

This is Stephanie Miner’s real “legacy.”

And on the heels of all this, she’s decided to defy immigration laws and further make this city Chicago Lite.

Have I mentioned I despise this woman?

Fortunately, the Minor Mayor is entering her final year.

Unfortunately, Syracuse is Chicago Lite in another way.

We have our own Democrat Machine that all but guarantees the next mayor will be yet another Big Government, incompetent Liberal Democrat who will continue to run this city into the ground.

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Lite

  • January 13, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that. The area was so nice the one time I went there in 2014: like a perfect postcard image of what comes to mind when I think of pretty, woodsy East Coast US, with the seasonal colored foliage and architecture in the old style that never ever makes an appearance on the bottom of the opposite coast (we’re stuck with stucco and the like, well, when we’re not building cookie cutter houses with faux wood siding or wannabe ‘upscale urban’/’live-work’ complexes that are supposed to look like they happened organically). Well, that and Cthulhu. Maybe you’ll get lucky and an Eldritch Abomination will take care of the Lefties wrecking your city.

    Speaking of the opposite coast (namely the southern part), there are many cities here that are a textbook example of this problem, being some of the oldest of these Subversive Cities. Each one turned unrecognizable, the results varying from seedy to lawless depending on the city, in a mere generation, and the following generation that I grew up with has seen what was left flushed down the toilet with gangs and the increased crime and drugs they bring, driving decent people out of their neighborhoods (if they can afford to leave, which is a big problem for any remaining seniors that bought small homes once upon a time that were designed and marketed for retirees way back when, and now their streets are lined with wall to wall cars of multiple families packing 10 or more into small duplexes). I can’t believe the stories of what the area was like when my grandparents moved here in the late 60’s, or even when my mom was starting her career in the area in the decades following. The small population of black families in the area got pushed out by illegals who competed for jobs, affordable housing, etc., a phenomenon that plays out in cities across America now. By the time I got to school, there were exactly two half-black kids, and one adopted kid in a white family; the whole school had maybe one Asian, and I think two Indians. So basically, the demographics had been totally changed (and were ‘diversity’ not Leftspeak for ‘not white’, the area ironically became LESS diverse) in 15, 20 years; you were either white or Hispanic. The public school closest to me was at least 75% Hispanic, and many teachers taught primarily in Spanish. This was in the 90’s.
    The legal Mexican immigrants that were already here for decades didn’t like it either, so says the family. That seems to be a pretty common attitude among legal immigrants in general, and one can hardly blame them. It would be like waiting in line for hours to go to a restaurant in another city because the ones near you all put $hit in their food, but then when you get to the front of the line, you see other people from your neighborhood had cut the line and are already inside, AND will be getting free food for doing so! Then when you finally get your paid-for meal, your neighbors come over and take a dump on your plate before you can get a bite of $hit-free food.

    Just Google the history of Orange County cities, like Santa Ana. I wish you and Syracuse luck.

  • January 13, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Well hell Dianny, pack up all your things and move out west. I am sure that you would love Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, or Arizona. You would definitely be welcomed by a bunch of true blue, flag waving, conservative, deplorables. Bring your guns too. We need all the help we can get.

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