China exploits our PC Culture to spread disinformation

China exploits our PC Culture to spread disinformation

I mentioned on several occasions how, during interviews in Gitmo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad explained how jihadists hoped to exploit our PC culture in order to infiltrate the West — most recently, I mentioned it HERE.

In an interview on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program, James Mitchell, one of KSM’s interrogators explained the logic behind this exploitation.

”Here’s the way political correctness works for a guy like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It allows them to operate in our midst without being challenged. It allows them to ratchet up the focus on sharia law without us pushing back on it. And we end up inadvertently imposing on ourselves the blasphemy laws of sharia, because we cut back on the things that they find offensive.”

Well, it turns out this exploitation of our PC culture isn’t just for radical Islamists.

The Chicoms are exploiting it as well.

In an effort to downplay their incompetence and bungling of the virus that began in Wuhan, the Chicoms are playing the PC card.

They’re zeroing in on the American media’s obsession with being politically correct by drumming into our heads that it’s “racist” and “xenophobic” to call the Wuhan Virus “the Wuhan Virus” or the “Chinese coronavirus.”

You know what? The Race Card isn’t the right tool to cover your bungling a localized epidemic that has now, thanks to your incompetence, spread all over the globe.

We shouldn’t be surprised that China is scrambling to protect itself.

And lucky for the Chicoms, their propaganda is spreading like a virus among the American news media.

Which is an easy feat since the American news media never pass up the opportunity to play Useful Idiots for authoritarian regimes. They did it for Iran. So of course they’re doing it for China.

Kyung Lah is a CNN reporter.  Of course.

Ronald Brownstein is CNN contributor (of course) and a “senior editor” for the Atlantic.

Speaking of the Atlantic:

Actually, yeah.  We do still call it the Spanish flu.

We also refer to the Ebola virus as the Ebola virus.*

[*Unless you’re Joe Biden.  In that case you refer to it as “the thing from Africa.”]

The Chicoms are going all out to exploit our PC culture in order to downplay their own missteps.

If only they went all out to contain the Wuhan virus in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t have this pandemic today.

Then again, containing the Wuhan Virus would’ve required hard work, transparency and honesty.  Whereas getting the American news media to help them exploit our PC culture on their behalf is as easy as falling off a log.

Lucky for them, they don’t have to work too hard to muddy the truth since the American news media is more than happy to carry the mud on their behalf.

You think America’s enemies are unaware of our weaknesses?

They know exactly where we’re weak.

And the West’s knee-jerk PC culture is one of our greatest weaknesses.

It isn’t at all surprising that the Chicoms are exploiting it both to absolve themselves of culpability and to paint themselves as victims of “racism” and “xenophobia.”

Because nothing gets the media on your side faster than pretending you’re a victim.

You couple that with the media’s hyper-focused obsession on hurting President Trump, and is it any wonder the Chicoms found a willing partner in the American media?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Turn off the news.

It’s the most effective social distancing you can practice.

Because as this virus China unleashed on the world works its way through the US, the prats in the American news media are busy spreading another kind of virus – namely Chinese propaganda. And they are using our PC culture to do it.

So turn them off.  Shut them out.

Wash your hands of these useful idiots once and for all.

You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

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4 thoughts on “China exploits our PC Culture to spread disinformation

  • March 17, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    ”And the West’s knee-jerk PC culture is one of our greatest weaknesses.”

    So, so true and so sad.

    Hoping you’re feeling better.

    • March 17, 2020 at 9:35 pm

      Thanks. Sadly, I am not better … yet. Hopefully that changes soon.

  • March 18, 2020 at 12:26 am

    Let me repeat:
    COVID-19 started in China, COVID-19 started in China, COVID-19 started in China!!

    Nothing will change that — they are culpable for that — do not forget that


  • March 18, 2020 at 6:30 am

    We are entering the danger zone. CNN is praising Trump. That means he’s doing the EXACT wrong things in this hysteria. I’m ashamed about the pussified responses from all our “leaders”. Also, don’t make me send the Brut Squad up there to drag you to the doctor!

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