Chris Stevens is unavailable for comment

I believe it is no stretch to say that genetically, Leftists do not have the coding in their DNA that allows them to possess self-awareness.

Two weeks ago the United States had the single most deadly terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.

Libya is not reveling in the glorious sunshine of an Arab Spring, but plummeting deeper into the black night of Islamic Winter.

Iraq has fallen into chaos.

Iran is testing ICBMs capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Russia is advancing in Eastern Europe and seeking to regain influence in the Middle East.

Syria has devolved into a brutal and barbaric civil war to overthrow the man Hillary Clinton once referred to as a “reformer.”

The Republican candidates gather for a debate on National Security, and the stupifyingly ignorant Hillary Clinton, chief architect of all of this chaos and insecurity, tweets out this:


I know.

She made the world safer.

Of course, Chris Stevens is unavailable for comment. No word from Sean Smith. And Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are also not able to respond.

In fact, neither are the fourteen people lost in San Bernardino. Or the countless number of Coptic Christians slaughtered in Libya.

Or the untold thousands butchered in Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, or Iraq.

Hillary citing her “record” of turmoil, instability, war and chaos as proof that she alone is prepared to lead the nation and make the world safer is nothing short of delusional.

Entrusting Hillary with the Presidency would be like leaving your young children in the care of a pedophile while you take in dinner and a show.

Placing Hillary in the White House would be like giving your spare set of house keys to an arsonist.

Honestly, how is this woman not polling somewhere around one percent? Why is this wretched failure not laughed out of this race?

It is absolutely mind-boggling.

Chris Stevens is unavailable for comment

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2 thoughts on “Chris Stevens is unavailable for comment

  • December 16, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    DAAANNNGGG! Nicely put Dianny. I think it says a lot for thier side that she is even in the race and not behind bars. I am definately ready to see the cankly old Hildabeast in prison 2016. Have I ever mentioned anything about a deserted island, a small yappy dog. and a fat lil pig? No? Hmmm

  • December 16, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Very powerful photo-shop job with the bloody hand print.

    If there was any justice for Chris, Hillary and Bill would dance the Ceaușescu one fine Christmas morning.

    I thought the commies in the White House were going to stop at nothing to bring his killers to justice, so far a great big zilch.

    Keeping that promise must have slipped her mind with all that campaigning and wealth accumulation her and Bill are engaged in.

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