The Clintons do not understand the nature of money

If there is anybody who should understand the nature of money, it’s a Clinton.

After all, other than power, money is the only thing the Clintons value.

But it turns out they really do not have a single clue how money works.

After Chelsea was reduced to running from reporters asking whether the Clinton Foundation would return Harvey Weinstein’s sticky money, the Clintons finally addressed the issue.

And it’s about what you’d expect.

The Clinton Foundation has no plans to return the cash donated by the pervy Weinstein.

Show of hands. Who’s shocked?

But it’s their explanation that leaves me shaking my head.

They can’t return the money because it’s already been spent.

How ignorant are these people?

Do they not understand the nature of money?

Let’s say I borrow twenty bucks from you to get a tank of gas.

And a week later, you come to me and say, “Dianny, I could use that twenty bucks I loaned you. Can you pay that back now?”

How would you feel if I said to you, “I can’t pay it back. I already spent that twenty bucks on gas. I don’t have it anymore.”

Money’s not like snowflakes where every bill is unique.

Nobody is expecting the Clinton Foundation to give back the exact same bills Weinstein donated. Any old bills will do.

This is nothing but Clinton slipperiness.

They always make excuses when it comes to keeping money. It’s what they do.

But it is astonishing that the best excuse these world-class liars could come up with is “We can’t give back because we already spent it.”

Maybe it’s because they’re getting old, but their lies are getting lamer.

This “we already spent it” defense is just as lame as Hillary’s “But I always donate 10% of my income” defense from the other day.

Then again, why should we be shocked that the Clinton Foundation won’t give back the donation from Weinstein?

The entire criminal enterprise is fueled by money from questionable donors – not the least of whom are despotic regimes with abysmal human rights records.

I never expected the Clinton Foundation to take an ethical stand and rid itself of Weinstein’s donation.

As I said the other day, Hillary would have let Jeffrey Dahmer cook her a meal if he gave her a check for a hundred grand afterward.

At the end of the day, the Clintons are not good people.

They’re greedy, self-serving, opportunistic and corrupt.

And as obsessed as they are with the optics of appearing generous, saintly, and charitable, the truth is, if the choice is between keeping dirty money and good optics, the optics lose every time.

Hat tip the UK Daily Mail.

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