CNN believes all blacks are violent felons

Whelp. The cat is out of the bag. CNN is populated by a bunch of racists who believe that all blacks are violent felons.

In a write-up about Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Fredericksburg, Virginia, CNN “reporters” Ashley Killough and Karl de Vries are howling like wounded beagles.

What’s got their panties in a knot is that Trump made an appeal to black voters but at the same time condemned Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s illegal attempt to restore voting rights to violent felons.

The call continued an effort in recent days by Trump to appeal to black voters. On Friday, Trump described an African-American community beset by crumbling inner cities, failing schools and high unemployment, and suggested that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have taken the black vote for granted while doing nothing to help the community.
“What the hell do you have to lose?” said Trump, asking for black voters’ support.
Yet on Saturday, Trump — who has publicly raised the specter of a “rigged” election in recent weeks as polls have shown him trailing Clinton — ripped McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton friend and ally, for his decision earlier this year to restore voting rights to thousands of convicted felons.

You heard it here first, folks.

CNN “reporters” Killough and de Vries believe that you can’t really appeal to blacks if you oppose restoring the voting rights of felons.

Therefore, CNN must believe that all blacks are violent felons.

What other conclusion can you come to? Their headline makes no bones about the fact:

Trump wants GOP to court black voters — then slams voting rights for felons

Look at that headline.

Is it not saying in effect, “You cannot court blacks if you do not let felons vote?”

As if the only black people in America are those who are felons.

CNN has a very low opinion of black Americans, does it not?

Yet they claim Trump is the racist.

What Terry McAuliffe did was not in his authority to do. McAuliffe’s act was not one of generosity or benevolence, but one of political expediency.

This is exactly why the Virginia Supreme Court struck down the order.

Leave it to CNN to conclude that opposing this bit of political overreach somehow proves that Donald Trump doesn’t really want blacks to be able to vote.

In order to make this leap in “logic,” CNN “reporters” Killough and de Vries would need to believe that all blacks are violent felons who no longer have the right to vote.

Sounds to me like CNN is way more racist than even their caricature of Donald Trump.

Let me “bottom line” this for you.

The Enslaved Press is terrified that Donald Trump’s outreach to blacks is working.

“Reporters” like these two chuckleheads are in a panic because Trump is succeeding in making the case against the Democrat Party and the damage it has caused to predominantly black communities.

The mainstream news media have all but ignored the polling that shows Trump has gained twelve points among black voters in a week.

Of course they won’t report on that.

They know Hillary Clinton will not win the White House without being able to garner the same percentage of the black vote that Obama won.

The only way they can think to stop this trend is by lying about Donald Trump.

What’s more, they have their own narrative that has to be maintained. And that narrative is Donald Trump is the candidate for white racists who want to bring back the days of the Democrat Jim Crow laws.

Their mission is to somehow “prove” that Trump is lying to blacks. And the pathetic tactic they’ve chosen is to make an equivalence between the black vote and violent felons not being able to vote.

They’re desperate and panicked.

The Democrat Party has maintained its stranglehold on the black vote through lies, fearmongering and false promises.

And Donald Trump has pulled back the curtain. He is calling out the Democrat Party for the destructive liars they are.

What else can the desperate Enslaved Press do but to lie even bigger?

When desperate people panic, they tend to reveal themselves.

In their panic, the Enslaved Press revealed just how racist the Left really is.

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2 thoughts on “CNN believes all blacks are violent felons

  • August 21, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    If these two assclowns were to infer that MOST violent felons are black it would have been a true statement.Take the blacks and Mexican gangsters out of the equation and our crime rate would be something like Sweden’s.(before the Muslim maggots started gang-raping blonde women for sport.)
    McAuliffe had the dubious honor of being the most vicious punk in DC before the democrats trumped up some charges to get rid of Bob McDonnell and steal the governorship for this slimy reptile.The State Supreme Court struck down his law to give a large democrat base voting rights,but he’ll do it anyway.They have no qualms about cheating because nothing will ever happen to them.SCOTUS ruled that Obama’s “non-recess’ recess appointments of two union ass-kissers to the NLRB were illegal and ordered them removed.They’re still there,carrying out their mission to create
    as many dues-paying minions to the Party as they can. Win…at all costs…by any means necessary.

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