CNN: Idiots on Parade


So, CNN thinks they’ve destroyed Dr. Ben Carson by declaring they’ve proven his accounts of his youth (over fifty years ago) are lies because they can’t find anyone to confirm or deny they happened.

Wow. They’ve really blown the lid off this, haven’t they?

I have told this story before, but when I was about five or six or maybe seven, my brother and I stole some toys from a neighbor kid when my family was visiting them. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the kid (or the gender). I have no idea why we were over there. It was over forty-five friggin’ years ago and I was five or six or maybe seven. Hell, I can’t even remember if I was five or six or seven. I know it happened when we were living in a big apartment complex in Norman, Oklahoma — and we lived there from 1968 (when I was five) to 1970 (when I was seven).

Any old how, when I was somewhere between five and seven, my brother and I stole some toys from a neighbor kid (whose name is lost somewhere in the recesses of my brain). When my Mom found out what we did, she not only made us return the toys we stole, but we also had to pick out our favorite toys and give them to this kid as well.

The experience stuck with me. I never took anything that didn’t belong to me ever again.

Now, I can’t remember the kid’s name or the family’s last name. It is very possible that this kid (whoever the hell he or she has grown up to be) doesn’t have any memory of this event either (since, like I said, it happened over forty-five years ago). In fact, I don’t think my Mom even remembers this particular incident. I’d have to check and see if my brother does. There are a lot of things that happened when we lived in Oklahoma that stand out vividly in my memory, but Mark doesn’t remember them at all.

Since my Mom doesn’t remember this event, and since I cannot provide the name the kid I stole from, would CNN conclude that this story that taught me never to steal is a lie?



If they use the rubric by which they determined Ben Carson is lying, CNN would say this toy stealing caper never took place and I’m a big fat liar.

Here’s the thing. I remember this vividly because it taught me a very valuable lesson about taking other people’s property. I remember it because the shame of having to show up at their apartment with the toys we stole and our own favorite toys stuck in my gut for years.

But I’m sure whoever that kid was, probably doesn’t have a vivid memory of this because he or she wasn’t the one who learned such a valuable lesson about stealing.

But, it wouldn’t matter.

CNN would declare me a liar because I couldn’t provide enough data for their hack reporter to “prove” this toy stealing caper ever happened.

This is CNN.

Idiots on parade whose Liberal ideology runs so deep they don’t even try to look objective.

This is CNN.

A network that thinks they have Dr. Carson by the short curlies because he made a joke that without Fox News, America would be Cuba.

Idiots on Parade

This is CNN.

A network so fully invested in destroying anyone who threatens the Democrat Party Agenda they will beclown themselves in their reporting to do it.

Let’s be honest. A successful, brilliant black man who overcame a life of poverty and hardship through faith in God aspiring to be President of the United States on the Republican ticket must be destroyed because his very existence flies in the face of Liberal belief.

Of course CNN is doing this. You think they didn’t notice that Dr. Carson is beating Hillary in a one-on-one match-up by nine points?

The Enslaved Press exist to advance one political party while destroying another.

That’s why I call them the Enslaved Press. They are not a Free Press. They are beholden to Liberalism; therefore they are beholden to the Democrat Party.

They don’t care if they make idiots of themselves. They don’t care if their ratings are in the toilet because of it. They don’t care.

Fortunately for us, they are also painfully unaware of the fact that their hit job isn’t going to harm Dr. Carson at all. It will, like the CNBC debate before it, only make the Enslaved Press look like idiots on parade while it makes these candidates look even better in our eyes.

We are witnessing the death of the Mainstream News Media.

And every blow is self-inflicted.

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  • November 7, 2015 at 10:23 am

    Useful idiots are always the first to die when the dust settles and the commies are in control. They have served their purpose and are no longer needed. I say we round them up now and send them all over to the middle east. We can drop them off in the middle of ISIS territory with a pallet of spoiled SPAM. It is not that I wish them any harm. Hey if they are sooo smart and sooo good at selling their crap to the American people, maybe they will pool their resources and sell their new product to their radical new friends. Heck while we are at it we could load up a few of our least favorite pols and send them on the same fact finding mission. We could tell them it is like summer camp or something. Lots of Free Stuff.

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