CNN is in hog heaven over this

CNN is in hog heaven over this

Three CNN employees were arrested in Minneapolis this morning.  And as outrageous as it is that the police are letting rioters burn the city to the ground while arresting people from a cable news channel, trust me, CNN is in hog heaven over it.

I’m sure the instant this all went down – live on TV – they were popping champagne and high-fiving each other at CNN’s headquarters.

Finally!  Finally we can make the riots in Minneapolis about us!!

Sure, they’ll publicly railing against the “threat to the Free Press” while clutching pearls and crying, “This is what happens in dictatorships!”  But quietly, when the cameras are off, they’re simply delighted.

Nothing puts CNN in hog heaven faster than being able to make themselves the story.

And now they can.

So thanks, Minnesota State Police! You just made the ass-hats at CNN even more insufferable.

What makes it even more exciting for them is one of the three arrested was black.

OMG! Josh Campbell is also reporting in Minneapolis and he didn’t get arrested! They only arrested the black guy!!!!!!

… and two guys who aren’t black, but don’t get caught up in the weeds, people!  We’re too busy doing a happy dance over this!

I’m telling you, they are in hog heaven.

This is going to be central to CNN’s reporting on the Minneapolis riots from now until at least Monday.  You can bet they’ll discuss it on their Sunday shows.  Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” will be an orgy of self-righteous victimhood and quivering outrage.

And if they can find a way to blame it on Trump, forget hog heaven, they’ll go into orgasmic fits of delight.

The police were idiots.  If you approach a news crew while they are doing a live-shot and can’t figure out they are a news crew, you’re not the brightest stars in the firmament.

I get it.  Police have to be seen arresting somebody.  And since they won’t arrest the rioters who are tearing the city apart, why not arrest those guys standing there doing a live shot on CNN?

But if the city, state or police were hoping to get favorable press, they can pretty much forget about it now.

CNN is going to milk this for all its worth.

It won’t matter that the three CNN employees are already free.

The same network that sniffed and downplayed journalist Andy Ngo getting the crap beat out of him by Antifa will play this up as if it was a scene from “Midnight Express.”

And the whole time they do it, they’ll be struggling to keep the excited grins off their faces.



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3 thoughts on “CNN is in hog heaven over this

  • May 29, 2020 at 11:16 am

    I think you mean bear heaven because reruns of Yogi Bear have higher ratings than CNN

  • May 30, 2020 at 12:07 am

    They’re rioting and defacing the sign at CNN headquarters in Atlanta tonight.
    And they all look like such winners in life, too.

  • June 2, 2020 at 7:27 am

    If you believe these “reporters” were really arrested, you probably believe that CNN just happened to be in the neighborhood when the swat team raided Roger Stone’s house

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