CNN lies about lying

CNN Lies

The best thing about President Trump’s Twitter feed is his ability to needle people until they go completely unhinged.

And yesterday, the powers that be at CNN finally took the bait and made complete fools of themselves.

Seriously. They are a hot, hot mess.

Is it wrong that I find this all so entertaining?

CNN’s “Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting” story has come apart like a cheap sweater in the spin cycle.

And rather than doing what they’ve done in the past when they were caught reporting lies (which is just pretend it never happened), CNN has decided that this is the hill on which they plan to die.

Or on which they plan to lie.

Take your pick.


Who the hell knows?

My guess is CNN is so invested in having former Watergate scooper Carl Bernstein on the payroll that they will circle the wagons and shield him from criticism in order to keep him making those Trump/Watergate comparisons.

Or, maybe CNN is just deeply stupid and woefully mismanaged.

What about that tweet is factually untrue?

The story has collapsed. Lanny Davis admitted to being the “anonymous” source. And he admitted he lied.

In a sane world, this would burn Davis – not just as a credible source for any future stories, but also as an on-air guest.

But this isn’t a sane world.

Instead, CNN is circling the wagons, doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on their defense of a crumbling narrative.

All to attack the President of the United States.

Even to the point where the PR folks at CNN felt the need to Reeeeeeeeeee in reply to the President’s tweet.

Good grief. What a hot mess they are.

Do they really think this reply is helpful to them?

It isn’t like we all just crash-landed on earth without any context.

We know CNN lies.

CNN let the Parkland teens lie about Dana Loesch, the NRA and Senator Marco Rubio. And nobody, not one person, called them out for those lies. They let that corrupt and useless Sheriff lie like a rug throughout that townhall while CNN’s Jake Tapper sat there and did nothing to correct the record.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin lied about Antifa being an “African American organization” in order to paint President Trump’s attacks on that radical anarchist group as being “racist.”

CNN lied when they said that James Comey was going to tell the Senate that he informed President Trump that he was under investigation.

CNN lied when they reported that Donald Trump Junior was given information from WikiLeaks in advance.

Yesterday CNN lied in their report on Ron DeSantis.

CNN even lied about President Trump breaking protocol by dumping fish food in the koi pond in Japan for crying out loud.

And don’t even get me started on the lies of omission.

For CNN’s PR to claim that they report news is itself a big, stinking lie.

If the news in any way harms the Democrats or damages their narrative, CNN doesn’t report it. Instead, they simply ignore it.

Like when Politico broke the story about Obama shutting down a multi-agency investigation into Hezbollah in order to clear the way for the Iran Deal.

Did CNN “report the news” on that?

Nope. CNN ignored it.

Because reporting the truth – reporting actual news – just might get in the way of the lies CNN is peddling.

For days after President Trump said the Obama Administration was spying on his campaign, CNN led the way declaring it false — “without evidence!”

Now we know it’s true.

When you’ve been caught time after time fudging the facts, relying on so-called “anonymous sources” and outright lying, sanctimonious outrage over the President calling you liars is all kinds of ridiculous.

CNN has zero credibility.

And rather than take the steps necessary to change that, they simply pile on more lies.

I’ll close with this video from the incomparable Bill Whittle.


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  • August 30, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    popcorn, check, butter, check, sprinkle cheese, check, coca cola, check; ready for the main event

  • September 1, 2018 at 3:09 am

    Fake news CNN caught in shit storm they can’t escape from.

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