CNN outraged! Nobody cares.

CNN is outraged!

Outraged I tell you!!!!

A handful of Neo-Nazis are meeting in Washington DC and CNN is outraged!!!

CNN has spent precious airtime perseverating on the group’s founder – a guy nobody heard of before and whose name escapes me now.

But CNN is outraged over this man whose name I can’t for the life of me remember.

And because this handful of white supremacists cheer Trump’s election, CNN wants us all to believe that Donald Trump is in league with them.

Donald Trump expressed disgust at the ideology this handful of white supremacists embrace. But CNN is still outraged!!!!

Even though Trump has never had any association or contact with them whatsoever, CNN is doing their level best to hang this group around his neck.

Funny isn’t it?

The New Black Panthers – an avowed racist organization that advocates for a race war to kill whites – supported Barack Obama in his run for the White House.

In fact, in 2007 video footage showed then-Senator Obama marching alongside the Black Panthers on the 42nd Anniversary of Selma.

CNN was never outraged.

They never demanded that Obama “disavow” the New Black Panthers.

Instead, the Enslaved Press poo-pooed the video showing Obama walking with Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz – claiming this was nothing but guilt by association.

”Just because they’re marching together doesn’t mean Barack Obama even knew who he was!”

“This is slander! Slander I tell you! You wingnuts are just trying to smear Obama!!!!”

Yet CNN is outraged that a handful of white supremacists — whom Trump does not know and has never once been in spitting distance of – are celebrating Trump’s victory.

The radical hate group Black Lives Matter supports Obama.

And not only does Barack Obama not disavow their hatred of the police or the violence they have stirred up, he actually invited BLM to the White House.

And CNN was never outraged.

They never called on Obama to disavow the violence that Black Lives Matter advocates.

Brooke Baldwin never broke down in tears when video footage showed Obama sitting at a table in the White House with this racist hate group.


But Donald Trump is a monster because a handful of white supremacists whom he does not know met in Washington and cheered his election.

So desperate is CNN to paint Donald Trump as the modern-day George Wallace (who, by the way was a Democrat) that they will tie him to an obscure racist group nobody ever heard of until CNN decided to put them front and center.

But, there is a silver lining.

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