CNN plays the Victim to silence critics

CNN plays the victim

Friday, President Trump held a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. And CNN was there.

Naturally, they made hay over the fact that the rally-goers were still chanting, “CNN sucks!”

“How dare they?! Don’t they know that chants like these are why that whack-a-doodle in Florida sent us a non-functioning pipe bomb?!”

Call me cynical, but I have a feeling CNN was thrilled that they were one of the recipients of these pipe bombs.

For two years now, CNN, like the rest of the so-called news media have reveled in making the story about themselves.

And now they can!

Just imagine! Now they can use that bumbling bombmaker as an excuse to paint themselves as victims. And, even better, that victim status can now be used to silence folks who are deeply critical of the partisan hackery churned out by this former news network.

And if the Charlotte rally is any indication, they aren’t getting the desired result.

There’s a big difference between criticizing CNN and sending them a bomb – even one that doesn’t work.

But that isn’t stopping CNN from conflating the terrorist acts of one looney to rally-goers chanting CNN Sucks.

And they’re doing it as a shameless way of shielding themselves from criticism.

There’s an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai is laid up with a bad back and her mother Emily decides to stay with her while Rory is at a school dance.

When Emily discovers that Lorelai returned a very expensive Christmas gift Emily gave her and exchanged it for a monkey lamp, Emily is furious.

Baccarat candlesticks for a monkey lamp?

They’re really, really happy monkeys, Mom.

Where is this lamp? I want to see it.

It’s right there on the desk.

(Emily walks over to the lamp and looks closely at it.)

Oh my God! They’re holding coconuts and leering!

It’s funny.

You traded my lovely gift for a semi-pornographic
leering monkey lamp? How could you? This is not just
about the bad breeding of returning a gift. This goes right
to the heart of the question of taste. You were given
something of substance and you cast it off for a ridiculous,
slightly sinister barroom decoration? Explain this to me,

(Lorelai sinks lower on the couch and covers herself with
a blanket.)

(whining) My back hurts.

This is what CNN is doing.

They’re trying to deflect legitimate criticism by playing the victim.

“You can’t criticize us; someone sent us a pipe bomb!”

Um, yes we can criticize you.

The same First Amendment that protects freedom of the press protects free speech. And Americans have every right to criticize CNN for their divisive, biased, hyper-dramatic, pro-Democrat Party agenda-driven advocacy.

Sure, CNN would’ve still covered these pipe bombs even if they weren’t a target.

But their being a target is now being use to shield them from criticism.

And that’s shameless.

If that was actually the standard, then President Trump being mailed ricin should shield him from criticism as well.

But who thinks CNN would agree to that?

Did Brian Stelter declare Fox off limits after a crazy intruder who made previous threats kicked down a glass door at a local Fox News station in DC?

I don’t see Brian Stelter jiggling with impotent rage over this kind of garbage:

Now, if Tammy Bruce behaved like the pretend victims over at CNN, she could have raged that this woman had no right to say something like this because that attack just this week.

But of course, Tammy Bruce isn’t trying to play the victim, is she?

As delusional as that tweet is, it isn’t a threat and it isn’t violence.

Nor is chanting “CNN sucks!” at a Trump rally.

Don’t underestimate just how much it irritates the on-air personalities at CNN that they are held in such low regard by the American people.

And what never occurs to them is they brought that low regard on themselves.

They are incapable of self-reflection.

So instead of seriously looking at why the majority of Americans no longer trust their “news,” CNN just wants to complain about nobody trusting them.

As Derek Hunter put it on Twitter Friday, “CNN is like the guy who complains about everyone saying he smells rather than just taking a shower.”

But it’s even worse than that.

In order to shield themselves from criticism, they’re actually conflating the acts of this incompetent loon with every single rally-goer who chants “CNN sucks.”

And they aren’t being subtle about it at all.

Does anyone remember CNN accusing all of Hillary’s supporters of being terrorists because the Orlando nightclub terrorist’s father attended a Hillary campaign event in 2016?

Yeah. I don’t either.

Because that’s crazy.

Yet, isn’t that exactly the faulty “logic” CNN is using now?

Pipe bomber didn’t like CNN.
Neither do Trump rally-goers.
Therefore every rally-goer is just like the pipe bomber.

For CNN it isn’t enough to smear President Trump. They have to smear every single Trump supporter as well.

And when we call them out on it, they crumple into a heap and cry, “But you have to be nice to us; someone sent us a pipe bomb.”

What Sayoc allegedly did was criminal. And if he is found guilty, he should rot in prison

But the fact that CNN is using his actions as a way to shield themselves from legitimate criticism is repulsive.

Now, would I chant “CNN sucks” at a Trump rally?

Probably not. But not because it is “inciting violence.” I wouldn’t do it because I’m not a joiner. I also refuse to do the Wave at a baseball game.

It isn’t as if these Trump rally-goers are chasing Jim Acosta out of a restaurant while screaming “CNN sucks” in his face.

Which is too bad. Because according to them screaming at someone and chasing him out of a restaurant is totally okay.

If CNN wants people to stop saying they suck, all they have to do is stop sucking.

If they doesn’t want to be called Fake News, all they have to do is start being a legitimate news outlet.

That would solve the whole problem.

But they can’t do that, can they?

CNN made the conscious decision to become part of the anti-Trump ResistanceLOL.

That, not journalism, is their mission.

And the fact that now they are willing to use the fact that some loon send them a fake bomb to silence their critics is shameless and pathetic.

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