CNN: You’d have to be crazy to support Trump

have to be crazy

In season three of “Mad Men,” Betty Draper stumbles on the truth about her husband Don. And it throws her for a loop. Of course, she’s already miserable with Don given the fact that the guy can’t keep his pants on. And discovering that Don has lied to her about his real life is just the motivation she needs to leave him.

When she tells Don that she’s filing for divorce, he’s stunned. After trying to urge her not to do something so foolish, Don suggests that maybe she just needs to see a psychiatrist.

Betty’s responds by saying, “Because I’d have to be crazy to want out of this marriage.”

Well, CNN seems to think the same thing about a black man who supports Donald Trump.

He’d have to be crazy.

After Kanye West met with the President in the Oval Office yesterday, CNN — and pretty much the rest of the Fake News media — went a little nuts.

“Kanye must be crazy!” said the insane people on CNN.

Noted clinical psychiatrist Don Lemon expressed horror over Kanye’s “minstrel show.” President Trump was “exploiting someone who needs help,” Dr. Lemon said.

You see, after extensive sessions with his patient, Dr. Lemon has concluded that Kanye has not been the same since his mother died.

Okay, Dr. Lemon didn’t have any sessions with Kanye. Instead he texted with a friend of Kanye’s mother who apparently knows how the dead woman would feel about her son meeting with the President of the United States.

I wish I was making this up.

But I’m not.

Don Lemon just knows that you’d have to be crazy to support President Trump. And if you don’t believe him, ask a friend of Kanye’s late mother who also isn’t a mental health professional.

But he wasn’t the only one of CNN’s crack psychology staff to come to this conclusion.

Let’s check in with noted doctor of psychology Dr. Ana Freud Navarro:

Even so-called “conservative” psychologist S.E. Cupp jumped on the “Kanye must be crazy” bandwagon:

There’s something terrifically awful about so-called “news” media personalities playing armchair psychiatrists.

Apparently it isn’t enough to attack Trump supporters as racists or white supremacists or gap-toothed garbage people.

Now they have to question their sanity.

This is obscene. It really is.

The same idiots who last week pretended to be legal experts are now pretending to be mental health professionals.

These people will stop at nothing to marginalize Trump supporters.

They tried to gaslight us into thinking Donald Trump had zero chance of winning and Hillary’s election was a fait accompli. And it didn’t work.

They tried insulting our intelligence. And it didn’t work.

So now they’re playing the crazy card. Because you’d have to be crazy to support President Trump.

The goal is always the same: marginalize us and make us feel as if there must be something wrong with us for supporting the President.

Listen, there is no such thing as “going too far” for these people.

But as Rush Limbaugh has always said, the Left will tell you what they fear by what they attack.

And I’m smelling some big, stinky fear.

When it comes to keeping their stranglehold on the black vote, no attack is off the table – as CNN proved just the other night when Don Lemon and his guests called Kanye West a “token negro” and what happens when “negroes don’t read.”

Back in February, Daniel Greenfield wrote an outstanding column called The ‘Abnormalization’ of Trump.

The Left and their media handmaids must portray everything President Trump does or says as being abnormal.

The #resistance has declared that its mission is refusing to ‘normalize’ Trump. That means it won’t accept that he won the election, that he has the right to issue orders or even exist. The violent protests, the marches, the judicial activism and the political sabotage all stem from that refusal to ‘normalize’.

Instead of ‘normalizing’ him, the left has ‘abnormalized’ him as aberrant in every possible way. And the media has built a profitable business model of catering to the radical left by pretending that normal behavior is a shocking outrage. That’s why CNN treated President Trump having 2 scoops of ice cream as a news story. Or why the media was certain that Trump had to be in poor health no matter what a doctor who had been vouched for by top Obama officials told them to their faces.

Abnormalization means that everything that Trump does is extraordinary and bad. Even down to eating ice cream or a cheeseburger. His health must be bad because he is a bad person. Nothing is too petty to be treated as an outrage. Including Melania’s shoes. And everything he does is bad because he did it.

But now that isn’t enough for them.

Now they have to portray Trump supporters as abnormal as well.

And with the Democrat Party’s dependence on black voters at risk, is it any surprise at all that they would stoop so low in their attacks on Kanye West?

No. It really isn’t.

This is a sign of desperation and panic.

And in that desperation, CNN is going … how do I put this … kinda crazy.

I want to close with a couple clips from Fox News.

First, Tucker Carlson did a great segment on this last night that’s well worth watching.

And then there’s Candace Owen’s take from this morning’s Fox & Friends.

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3 thoughts on “CNN: You’d have to be crazy to support Trump

  • October 12, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    if you do not agree with the current group think, you are mentally ill and need to be locked up for your protection and the good of society.

    straight out of the 1930’s Stalinist soviet union.

    think of where these people are trying to take us, and vote accordingly.

  • October 13, 2018 at 4:16 am

    Tyrants marginalize and dehumanize their opponents – then murder them because they aren’t really people. They can’t pull this off w/o near total control of the narrative. Hence their attack on the First Amendment.

    As an aside I couldn’t help but watch Trump’s genius throughout Kanya’s rant. Trump knew enough to shut up and not make it about him. Trump also realizes that he doesn’t know everything and was just lapping up Kanye’s insights. Trump has an agenda: MAGA.

    Hmmm… Could there be a cabinet position there?

  • October 16, 2018 at 2:13 am

    We crazies, deplorables, flyoverables, drivethruables, bible-bashin’, gun-totin despicables are leavin’ the cement pond and good moonshine to gather at the polls and give the varmints and vermin a good kickin’ come November. Count on it.

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