Coming in May: Milo’s new book DESPICABLE


Well, this made my day!

I happened to go over to Milo’s website just now. And much to my delight discovered that he’ll be coming out with a new book in May.

It’s an exposé of sorts on Hollywood’s pervy culture. And it is aptly named DESPICABLE.

Here’s how the book is described over at Dangerous:

How did it become more dangerous in Hollywood to be a Republican than a child molester? Harnessing an exclusive network of high-profile sources, America’s most dangerous and provocative commentator takes readers on a journey into the sordid, sexually-abusive, hypocritical world of Hollywood. DESPICABLE paints a horrific picture of men, women and children abused and intimidated by the richest and most powerful people in America. Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author MILO tells readers what he saw while living in Beverly Hills in the 2000s and shares the untold stories of actors, musicians and other friends in his address book who will, in DESPICABLE, finally name their abusers.

And in typical Milo fashion, he even provides a trailer for the book:


Now I really enjoyed Milo’s first book Dangerous. (Which I reviewed HERE.)

So naturally I am looking forward to reading DESPICABLE.

Now, it isn’t yet available for pre-order at Amazon. But Milo is offering pre-orders on autographed copies over at the Dangerous Boutique.

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