Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Kamala

Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Kamala

For getting Karma Chameleon stuck in your head, I apologize. But it seemed a fitting way to introduce the Commie running mate of Joseph “Badakathcare” Biden.

After cackling off the idea that she’s a big, fat Commie just one week ago, yesterday Comrade Kamala Harris revealed her true colors by posting this Happy Face Marxist video on Twitter.

So on 60 Minutes – a show watched primarily by seniors — Commie Kamala laughingly dismissed the notion that she’s a socialist.

Then one week later – two freaking days before the election — she goes full-bore Marxist.

This is Commie Kamala’s closing argument?  “Equality of Outcomes” – really?!

I guess the Democrats think they can win without Florida Hispanics on their side. But not just Florida, this kind of collectivist drivel will not play well anywhere outside of the already-certain-to-win deep blue states.

Why on earth would Kamala Harris let the mask slip two days before election day?

Between Gibbering Joe and Commie Kamala one wonders if these fools actually want to win on Tuesday.

There has to be some rationale behind going full-on Commie in the final stretch of the race.

And the only possible explanation I can think of is polling.

Is it possible that the Democrat’s internal polling shows that the Bernie coalition of voters isn’t turning out in the numbers they need? Was it left to Commie Kamala to offer a last-minute sop to the red-rose army?

It makes sense since Kamala Harris’ only political “skill” involves shameless pandering.

This is the woman, after all, who just yesterday slapped on a fake southern accent to pander to North Carolinians.

Let’s be honest here. If the Democrats desperately needed the votes of the S&M community, Kamala would don leather and come out on stage riding a guy in a ball gag.

Without the Bernie red-rose army, the coalition of voters the Democrats need falls apart faster than the Berlin Wall. And since Gibbering Joe can’t drop his “Moderate” mask, it is left to Commie Kamala to signal to the socialists that the Harris Administration is willing to play ball.

Either that, or Kamala Harris has the worst political instincts in the history of the universe.

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5 thoughts on “Commie Commie Commie Commie Commie Kamala

  • November 2, 2020 at 9:49 am

    A (somewhat) free and capitalist society allows for equality of input by individuals, i.e. education, acquisition of skills, drive, determination, etc., but must not mandate equal outcome for all. Individuals have different temperament and talents, along with the will to apply them or not. Demanding an equal (and very small) piece of the pie for everyone, regardless of their willingness to produce, has always resulted in misery, poverty, and death on a grand scale. Even the inauspicious beginnings of settlers in this country proved this. The Pilgrims originally organized as a commune, with a equal share of all goods doled out to all members of the community. When some decided to merely live off the largesse of others, those doing the work quit producing. They only survived because the tribes in the area shared their food. History teachers deliberately exclude these truths from their classes, as they don’t fit the Marxist agenda. Our society/civilization teeters on the brink of a socialist/communist abyss. If enough of the lazy, stupid, greedy, and angry leftists overwhelm the votes of patriots, both with numbers and fraud, this country will be well on its inevitable way to becoming just another failed “socialist paradise” shithole. Vote like your life and future depend on it, because they do.

  • November 2, 2020 at 11:41 am

    I vote for the worst political instincts idea. I thought I would be hard-pressed to find anyone more politically tone-deaf than PIAPS. But Commie-la takes the prize!! What an insufferable, insipid, incompetent political whore!!! Just go away… creature!!

  • November 2, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    I don’t know where Kameltoe thinks she is, but “equality” doesn’t mean everyone gets the same amount. In an economic sense, equality means that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. How much you “get” depends on how hard you want to work towards it. Unless whitey is holding you down, of course….

  • November 2, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    Did anybody else notice that “Harris” scrolls onto the screen before “Biden”?

  • November 3, 2020 at 6:19 am

    Embrace the power of and.

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