Compared to the news media, Q-Anon is small potatoes

Compared to the news media, Q-Anon is small potatoes

In what can only be described as a complete and utter waste of time, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning Q-Anon.

Because apparently a bunch of random people in internet chat rooms sharing memes and conspiracy theories are such a danger to the Republic, that the House has to pass a completely symbolic resolution condemning the Q-Anon people’s right to free speech.

I don’t give a fig about Q-Anon.

As I said back in August:

I found Q-Anon Twitter so laughably goofy, about two years ago, the first things I added to the “Muted Words” option on Twitter were all Q-related: Q-Anon, #QAnon, #QArmy.

Do I think Q-Anon is dangerous? No. Just silly.

I’m someone who lives by Occam’s Razor. When given a set of explanations for a problem, the simplest is often the correct one.

Q-Anon tosses Occam’s Razor on its head: When given a set of explanations, firmly believe the one for which you have no evidence because it’s from some shadowy anonymous nobody telling you to trust him/her/xir.

Q-Anon is a silly exercise in group speculation that was largely ignored until the media needed a villain to take attention away from Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning our cities to the ground.

But because elected members of Congress follow after every news media trend, they quickly glommed on to the Q-Anon conspiracy.

And, see, that’s the most ironic thing about this.

The American news media concocted a conspiracy theory about a bunch of harmless conspiracy theorists. And the morons in Congress ate it up with a spoon.

Imagine Congress wasting precious legislative time voting on a resolution condemning all the people who believe the moon-landing was filmed in a sound stage somewhere in the desert.

That’s what Congress did with Q-Anon.

Well, one thing is certain. When it comes to conspiracy theories and wild speculation, Q-Anon is nothing compared to the American news media.

The American news media torched Occam’s Razor and then pissed on the ashes.

And I’m not just talking about RussiaGate which, to this day, the die-hard Believers in the press and cable news still won’t let go.

For four years, the so-called “Guardians of Truth” of our so-called “Free Press” have engaged in an endless parade of conspiracy theories that make Q-Anon look like small potatoes.

And yesterday was no different. Once again they revved up their speculation, donned their tinfoil hats and went to town.

After President Trump’s COVID diagnosis, the news media launched into wild conspiracy theories and speculation that put Q-Anon to shame – which is easy since, unlike Q-Anon, most Americans have actually heard of CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post or the New York Times.

Good grief.

This fool is a primetime host on MSNBC.

She is also the crank who claimed hackers went back in time and changed archived posts from her old blog to make her look like a homophobic 9/11 Truther.

Q ain’t got nothin’ on Joy Reid.

In addition to reveling in the President’s diagnosis, the odious on-air personalities at CNN spent yesterday burping out conspiracy theories and wild speculation that really has no place on a so-called “news” network.

If you’re interested, Newsbusters chronicles the absolute worst CNN takes from yesterday HERE.

But the gold medal for worst conspiracy theorist has to go to Washington Post columnist and Dusty Mummy Jennifer Rubin.

Good heavens, she spent the entire day yesterday on a conspiracy-laden Twitter tear.

When the White House announced that President Trump would be going to Walter Reed Hospital “out of an abundance of caution,” Conspiracy Jen saw something nefarious about the President taking Marine One.


Well, I’m not expert in logistics and security, Jennifer. But I would say that traveling by motorcade during rush house would be a nightmare since the Secret Service has to shut down travel on the motorcade route. You’d think Jennifer Rubin would already know that. Why shut down streets and inconvenience DC drivers when the President can just get on Marine One and be there lickety-split?

But of course the Dusty Mummy thinks there’s some vast conspiracy afoot.

While Nancy Pelosi is accusing random internet users of being a threat for sowing distrust of our institutions, the American news media is busy sewing distrust and peddling conspiracy theories.

I realize the media’s drama and fearmongering over Q-Anon is completely phony. But it’s the hypocrisy that gets to me. Then again, maybe it’s just that the American news media hates the competition.

We have no “news” media in America anymore.

We have no “free and independent press.”

And if ever there was a time that Americans deserved honest, truthful reporting, it is now. But that’s not what we’re getting. Instead, we’re getting vitriol, hyperventilating speculation and insane conspiracy theories.

Great work all around, you utter fools.

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